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rajiv   17 November 2015

Abusive police driver


Respected everyone,

Good evening..

i am writing this topic today to get some info on the steps i can take in the below mentioned case a sit would be very helpful..

i was in my frends shop..parked my motorcycle in front of his shop..bt ahs enuf space for the motorcycle..the road is not very big..there was an auto parked in the middle of the road which ahs broken down..due to which there was a bit of jam..so a police vehicle apporoached from one side and a pasenger car from the other..they were not able to pass each other..suddenly the traffic police driver with an empty vehicle with civil dress shouted..' whose mototcycle is this..get this thing off now..get this off ( threatning..abusive tone )..i ws inside the shop i cam outside and told him why are you shouting..why can't you just tell me properly..i told him i would move if him tells me properely..but he kept shouting and shouting and telling me who am i to question him..he then stopped his vehicle in the middle of the raod and started a verbal fight with me..i told him he ahd no right to use that threating tone..he kept shouting..i didn't abuse nor did i threaten him at any point..he took down my number and told others i would hv to pay and he will..' MAKE '..me aplogize ..i took his pic and the picture of his vehicle with the reg no. and we left..

i can't explain it properly..the thing is as if he ws drunk with power that he drives a police car so he can do whtever he wants and can shout at anyone he wans..every1 around me watched this and they supported me and dey told me in any case they wil appear as witness and will support my claim..


whom should i complain..my state has no police tribunal..all i know is he drives a traffic officers car..that all..he called some people on his phone and was telling evryone he will make me pay..i have done nothing wrong..nor did i start it..nor did i abuse him..i will not apologize to him whatever happens..can someoen tell me whom shoudl i appraoch..in caee he wns to harassa me..i wan to file a written complaint and under which sections should i do it..


thanks everyone




 3 Replies

Sandeep Shukla (Teacher)     17 November 2015

Just pray to God that you are born in a more civilized part of the world in your next life OR join a political party and take your revenge when they come to power.

Otherwise there is not much you can do in this case. If you want to waste your time and money then it is another story. 


why you had the guts to face him directly and didnt want to apoligize, why not write a letter to his superiors on this action  and demand a action..

siddhartha sinha   18 November 2015

You may complain jointly to the home minister/secretary. Release this news to the newspapers.Create some noise. Publicising is more severe than court cases. If you want solution the legal way then you should have at least recorded his voice if not video. Otherwise it is difficult.

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