abusive mentally unstable unsocial wife

She is my brother’s wife who left him one year ago.She doesn’t return or file for a divorce.The family members from both sides tried to convince her to go for counselling but to no avail.My brother loves his son very much.He is very much depressed now.When my parent went to convince her, she threatened that she would complaint to women’s society and make my brother lose his government job(bank officer).She is taking pictures everytime we visit them.She stays at home and doesn’t even do simple household http://chores.My mom used to take food to her bedroom and she is ok with it.We adjusted in every way possible but suddenly she left home due to to a small quarrel with my brother regarding cancellation of a planned tour.She is not social.She is the only daughter.Her father is a very good man.She is not in talking terms with him too .Her mother has been an abusive wife too.Her father confessed this and it is she who is spoiling this relationship .I’m surprised to see her own mother spoiling daughter’s and only grandson’s (4 years) life.Since it has been one year , we have no hopes looking at their behaviour.Please suggest how to get rid of her without any hassles. Does she want us to initiate divorce so that she can make it more ugly? Please suggest.


Yes you file a divorce petition and she and her mother will teach you a lesson. JUst solve it amivably or make her agreeable for a mutual divorce,



TYPO;;; READ AMICABILY  instead of amivabbly 



Applying for divorce is a good option.

But, after divorce, don't marry again.    All women are like your ex wife.


Let the husband write a few loving peaceful letters to his wife requesting her to come back. He should send the letters with certificate of posting. The envelope should not show that the letters were mailed with certificate of posting. She may or may not reply the letters. After a few months let the husband apply to the court for restoration of conjugal rights. When all efforts fail, let him file for divorce. If the woman goes to police or court, all the letters, court petitions and orders will be evidence against her.

The wife cannot make the husband lose his job. That is an empty threat.




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