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Navkalp (developer)     04 January 2014

Abuse of section 156 (3) cr.p.c, plight of aam adami in ques

This is for all the people who are fighting fake cases filed on the name of justice, for the sake of  filing 307 case against poor people. below letter is sent to 81 High court judges of Allahabad High Court  and  to common mail Id provided for  Supreme Court using email, and no reply has been received till date. Also attached application written in hindi  in the attached file section,  sent to District Judge Aligarh.

Respected sirs,

Section 156 (3) Cr.P.C , which exists to empower common man, as our leaders who has written constitution were very much aware about the corruption in Indian society.

After more than 60 years of existence, now same tool is being misused by powerful to grab land, woman, enslave poor people   and punish them.   

A recent example reported in newspapers recently can be sighted to describe horrific condition of fake cases being imposed on common man, in this specific case to grab land, a group of powerful people fixed case of murder on innocent people with fake evidences, and our respected courts happily done justice by punishing innocent people, below is link from Times of India for same case.


Question arises, whether such incidents are one off or quite common and if common what judicial system has done to stop that. What we noticed that blank applications are being send to SSP office for filing fake cases under 156(3) to fix common man in IPC 307 cases. Also attached application send to district judge, to request for taking action against fake 156(3)  filed based on these blank complaints.

Please refer attached image for RTI answer received from SSP Office, Aligarh, UP, India, which is in Hindi. For convenience of respected Judges, I am trying to translate in English.

 Question asked using RTI was (Translated in English) attached document name –“RTI Queries_SSP_Office_30_8_2013.JPG”

1.       “Does SSP office receives lots of applications by registered post, which contain blank paper every month,  please provide information if correct”

2.       “After receiving such envelopes, does SSP office  asks sender to provide reason for sending blank complaint”

Answer received (Translated in English) attached document name – “RTI_Answer_SSP_24_09_2013 P1.JPG” and “RTI_Answer_SSP_24_09_2013 P2.JPG”

1.       “Yes, SSP office receives envelope with blank papers inside them, without any document inside, These blank papers, after approval by SSP, deposited in record room”

A shocking revelation by RTI, why someone will send  letter to SSP office with blank papers, and  after analyzing it become evident that this is done to file fake case under 156/3 under IPC 307 to fix innocent common man  for grabbing property, money and woman.

As very basic step, while analyzing 156/3 complaints, judges should ask to produce complaint submitted to SSP office and should ask complainant why blank paper submitted as complaint. This will ensure that people will think thousand times to file fake cases.  Why a basic step like this is not following by judges, even if innocent accused requests to validate same, it never gets validated for unknown reasons.

This is even accepted by respected judge in Aligarh session court that “Sending Blank papers for filing case under 156/3 to fix innocent people’’ is common practice,

I would like to state fake case filed under 156/3 for attempt to murder against my father with case number 487/08 in the court of ADJ vii, State of Uttar Pradesh vs. Kanhiya Lal. Besides this, a court case is going between the complainant and my father, where complainant wants to perform illegal construction to grab land of accused (my father)

 Request you to refer attached RTI answer “RTI Response SSP_03_02_2012.JPG”, where SSP office told that complaint as claimed by complainant to send to SSP office is never received by SSP office (please remember blank paper received by SSP office). Below are details how 156(3) abused in this particular case

·         Doctor did not inform police intentionally, as this incident never happened, and complainants were not having any blood stained cloths.

·         A biggest joke and puzzle, Which is troubling me and my father could not receive any answer from judges who were presiding this ,

Ø  As per complaint, that incidence happened at 7 PM on 10th April 2007.

Ø  Medical report prepared by government doctor contains prescriptttttion written on outpatient department slip, which is prepared till 2 PM afternoon in Malkhan Singh Government Hospital, Aligarh, same is confirmed by doctor in his statement in court, and it is evident from another RTI answer received from government hospital.

Ø  Said Medical Certificate dated 10 April 2007 is a fake certificate as DR. A.K Singh was not on duty on 10th April 2007 in the evening at 7.30 PM. His absence can be verified as per RTI answered by Malkhan Singh Government Hospital.

Ø  Complainant actually planned to kill my family by around 2 PM, and plan to admit in hospital, and when they did not find any of my family, they choose easiest way, and got fake medical certificate by 7:30 PM.

Ø  How much unbelievable it may be, my father is being treated like criminal in court from last 7 years, his business suffered, and his health suffered, My whole family is scared, where to go for justice? Even after bringing same to court notice actual criminal are free and enjoying their life.

Ø  Justice did not win in above case, but who won, I leave same to be decided by respected judges.

·         Investigating officer prepared charge sheet which is incorrect and as guided by complainant and full of gaps.  Why investigating officers are not punished for their incompetent and wrong charge sheet.

Ø  IO submitted charge sheet on 08-06-2007 to the court, entry for affidavits, given by complainants was created in GD only on 17-06-2007 and in continuity. Even witness examinations received by IO s makes it clear, where witnesses affidavits submitted to court were falsely created by getting signatures of witnesses on empty stamp papers.

Ø  By the order of court on 156(3) complaint on 8-05-2007, IO examined two independent witness, who mentioned Jaswant Singh is hurt(contradictory with complainants  who mentioned Balwant Singh and Gurmeet Kaur got hurt), thus without any witness and their affidavit, IO arrested Kanhiya Lal on 24-05-2007 despite the arrest stay provided by High court on 23-05-2007

·         Total contradicting statements, complaints and affidavits are given by prosecution witnesses, using such statements and facts no rational person can recreate incidents. Even with these contradicting evidences respected session court judges are doing justice, which if they ask from their own conscience, cannot hold correct.

·         We have requested respected judge at Aligarh session court to recall Dr. A.K Singh, based on information received  using RTI, which session judge denied for unknown reason, Tyranny of fate is same filed for revision with high court(Application U/s 482 : 14329 of 2013 [Aligarh]), which is yet to be heard for admission by high court after  8 months.

·         We have requested to call medical records from Malkhan Singh hospital again denied by Session Judge.

·         Motive of complainant, as mentioned in complaint was to come for repair of wall, which was broken, as there is no wall broken, we requested Session judge to visit place, so that lies of complainants can be exposed, same is also denied.

·         Application filed under section 227, with various gaps and information received , same is been filed with session judge and that also rejected, this also pending with High Court from last two years(Criminal Revision : 945 of 2012 [Aligarh])

·         Revision filed with high court are waiting to be heard for admission from last two yearss

Humble Request: After complaining  same to President of India, Vice President of India, Law Minister, Prime minister, nothing has happened till date. This gives me sense that in India justice is not for common man, but I know, this country has honest people at the top, and because of them this country is surviving.   This gives me courage to write all you respected people for justice.

If you need further evidences and documents, please contact us










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Navkalp (developer)     04 January 2014

another set of files.

Attached File : 935486428 rti response ssp 03 02 2012.jpg, 935486428 application given to district judge p1.jpg downloaded: 297 times
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Navkalp (developer)     04 January 2014

Believe me, Judicial system of this country  has been turned into a system, where chances for poor to get justice are very low, out of some 8,000 cases poor gets justice in One, is it justice. For the sake of justice, we have written to President of India, Vice President of India, prime minister of India,  Law minister. where office of vice president and law minister asked Chief Secretary to investigate the matter. Pity of the system, I called Chief Secatratiat, where they were not ready to do any thing. We filed RTI, with the help of RTI, It has been sent to Sub Registrar Allahabad High Court, and SSP office, and  unfortunately, none of them worked on the letter sent by Vice President of India and Law minister.

Justice at session court is nightmare, most of the judges giving judgement under influence, there are very few who are honest. So though there is very dim hope, with probability of 1 out of 8000. We are fighting. Don't know how far we can fight with corrupt system, but that's the only hope.

Request all the brothers and sisters who are suffering from similar experiences,  to share their experiences. Let fight for justice together.

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     05 January 2014

nice information..........................

Navkalp (developer)     13 January 2014

Those who may have faith on Indian judicial system, this is for them. While I mentioned, complaintant got OPD slip from Malkhan Singh Government hospital, which is issued till 2.00 PM from hospital, same was verified doctor in his statement in court, and through RTI. Now  applicant made that paper disappeared from case file.  Complaintant told that incident happened at 7 PM


How it is done, everybody knows, this is biggest example, that it is very difficult for AAM Admi to get justice.Is our Judicial system honest, please share your thoughts.

Navkalp (developer)     28 January 2014

Injustice done, another example of grave injustice in Indian Session courts.

For the incident which does not happen at all, Complainants themselves are giving contradictory statements, every legitimate proof from accused discarded without proper reason, court has given justice by 2 years imprisonment and 5000 RS penalty. 

High courts are sitting on revisions filed; no judgement is given by high courts after one and half years. Complaints for enquiry to honourable president, vice president, law ministry, state of UP goes into deaf ears.

Where common man will go for justice. Asking for justice is crime in India for common man. We don't have right for justice.

How to have faith in this legal system, does only remedy to apply for justice, to go to United Nations, where law of land in India unable to provide justice to its citizens. It’s painful, I am crying, and request Supreme Court to declare that justice will never be given to common man.

BS Rangi (President)     20 October 2015

Navkalp,you are right that corruption has taken toll of every system leave aside justice and judges.In one case an actual  victim a senior citizen beaten by youg and burly person ,police took no notice despite meeting DCP many thimes.Victim approached SDJM under Cr.P.C. 156(3).Luckily judge ordered FIR against accused.FIR lodged.Within month police IO files AKHRAJ AND NIRSAN REPORT.For last one year since Nov 2014 ,these reports are lying in police thana Pinjore (Haryana)with no further action by police.

How long can police keep waiting /delaying this case?

Is police not required to submit these reports to SDJM ? If so within what time frame?

 Can police close this case of FIR by saying , case false " Case cancelled by police ".Can that be done?This report has been sent to CM Window of Haryana.

Yeh dhandli kab tak chalegi?

I M the prime witness in above case.A friend of accused filed FALSE COMPLAINT  against me under Cr.P.C. 156 saying I have beaten him.He claims a witness (yet to come).I filed bail bond in Mar 2015.I wanted to visit Canada,I applied for permission from judge(though bail bond has no such condition imposed on me) to visit abroad. He sent my application to compainant who delayed as much that snow fall starts in Canada and he spoiled my visit.Charge sheet is yet to be filed ,if judge orders  my prosecution and orders FIR against me. 

WHAT PRECAUTION SHOULD i TAKE NOW ,like anticipatory bail etc.Will it be required for my safety and IZZAT saving ? 

Or wait till judge orders such prosecution against me.

He got a fake MLR also done up.He was refered for Xray and CT scan in higher hospital where he never went.How and where can i find loopholes in MLR to prove that MLR is fake?

Kindly comment and advise.   


amaresh   22 October 2015

The situation is very alarming. But nothing we can do. We have to believe in that system.

BHRIGU DATTA 9475352677 (PRIVATE PRACTICE)     27 October 2015

Try to add value to the discussion, with your each post.

navneet   14 April 2018

Dear all,

I pray to read till end.Section 156 is getting used againsgt my family members also in order to grab my mothers property in Bihar. A series of false cases later converting to FIRs is getting registered against my family members but we cannot do anything other that striggling to prove our innocence.Koi bhi aapke upar kabhie bhi case kar sakta hai jaaye aap use dekhe ho ya nahi,mile ho ya nahi.Ab proof karo bhaiya usne toh case kar diya.

Jinko jootha case karna hota hai unka simple sa fund hai ki bhai case kar do.Proof karta rahe.Jab tak woh proof karega itna pareshaan ho jayega ki khud hi charnon mei aake gir jaayega aur kahega bhai bhagwan ke liye mujhe chod do.Le jao meri jameen ko,sampatti ko,bahen betiyon ko.Aakhir kar kya loge aap????Koi bhi case kar do kuch bhi kar do.Kaanoon ke paas itna time kahan hai aapke liye.AApki keemat adalat mei 5-10 minute hai uske baad fir taarikh pe taarikh.Ek picture ka dialogue hai TERI KEH KE LOONGA.To bhaiyon jhoothe case mei keh ke li jaati hai.

One after another cases are getting registered against us in a very organized way and all seems almost impossible but is happening.Till now 5 cases has been registered against my family.Out of them 3 are found false by the police and negative report submitted by the police in the cout.But to prove these cases false we did lots of hardship as the case was done at the place in another state in jharkahnd were my mothers land is situated and we had to go hundred times there and still going.

This gang with few advocates members also know how to twist legal system.Even though the case has been submitted as false still we are vulnerable to new false cases. All the conspirators are having no problem and living scottfree.Kya hua 3 FIRs false ho gaya toh.Ek aur naya case kar dete hain fir ek aur aur aur -----------.Jab tak ki aap poori tareh se toot na jao.System ke jaagte jaagte kaafi der ho chuki hogi aur tab tak shayad aap is duniya mei nahi honge.Aur fir ek din court yeh apne barson ke taarikh ke taarikh ke baad ki case toh jhootha hai.Loji ab yeh keh ke kya kar liye..Jiska jo lootna tha sab loo gaya aur shayad mar bhi gaya.Aur fir duniya kahegi der se hi sahi aakhir court ne insaaf kiya aur mujrimon ko saja di.Finally in true spirit justice prevails. HA ha ha.Majak hai sab.Yakin maaniye is desh ke log bewkoof nahi majboor hai.Bahut Majboor.Kabhie soche hain saare desh ke neta kehta humein is desh ke Samvidhaan mei Poora bharosha hai.JARA SOCHIYE WOH AISA KYUN KEHTE HAI.Are Bhaiya unhi ke liye toh banaya gaya toh Bharosha kinhe hoga.JARA JANTA SE TOH POOCHIYE.FIR PATA CHALEGA.Aur agar aapne galti se kuch sahi aur sach ke diya toh fir dekhiye.AAp dekhiye jitne bhi amir aur bade log hain,neta log hain sab yehi kehte hain humein court pe poora bharosa hai aur kaanoon apna kaam kar rahi hai.

Now see the loophole in legal system.

In all the 3 false case we are now waiting whether they file any protest petition or not. Why??Why the court dont send them jail after police report on which earlier my brother was sent to jail.WHY??After 6 months now in one of the case he filed protest petition.Now again the same all story will start if court will not put his mind and go in details the case diary then we will have to run for bail and on a jorney to prove our innocence.

Out of 5 cases 2 are new cases and witness proceeding is going on.At this stage we want to make the court aware about all the conspiracies but we simply cant do this. We have to wait till the court takes the cognizance and sends us the summons/warrant.Now once the court takes the cognizance and issue warrants we will have to take Anticipatory bail or legal bail which will again cost us as there are three accused and per person 2 bailor and 1 identifier in required in another state were we are not locals.Ans so we will have to manage.Believe me in India poor or middle class people if gets trapped into legal system they simply cant afford. The advocates have no fixed rate for anything.It depends upon how big they can open there mouth according to client.There is huge intranspency.There is no mechanism by which you can trust your advocate.The system is so corropt and rotten than anyone can cheat you anytime just for the sake of few bucks.

In my brother case when we applied for bail my advocate came to court late by few mniutes and I was present in the court and saw that he came late but he denied.Later we came to know that he was purchased by the other party which was very shocking for us.Just for few bucks that advocate ditched us and due to which my brothers bail got delayed and later rejected.

Believe me all these case getting done on us are done by people whom we never met and not even seen and heard about them but how you will prove.If a person goes in court says that he knows you then how ill prove that he dont know you.If a person says that you have cheated him and taken money from him and in support gives a certificate with false signature.Ofcourse this can be proved at later stage when the trial will start and court will order for forensic report but till then you will be grilled and may even sent to jail.
Indian system says that innocent person should not be punished even if thousand criminal needs to set free.Beleive me this is higly fake statement made for only innocent people to give them only sympathy.This never happens in actual legal system.The whole system is  very confused and full of loopholes.

Ek majedaar baat batata hoon.Police ne mere bhai ko jail bhej diya aur fir uska bail reject kar diya ki bhai police case dairy mei toh aisa kuch bhi nahi jiske basis pe aapko bail diya jaaye.Police ne aapke khilaaf likha hai.Chaliye thik hai maan liya.Ab usi case mei police ne re-investigation mei case ko false paaya aur brother ko release kiya.Ab dekhiye police ne ab kaha ki case toh galat hai aur yahan tak ki main witness exist hi nahi karta aur CDR se saare shadyantra ka pata chalta hai toh bhaiya aap batayiye ab court ne police ke kehne pe case karne wale ko fir jail kyun nahi bheja.Pehle toh police ke kehne pe mere bhai ko jail bhej diya toh fir ab police ke report pe jhootha case karne ke liye usko jail kyun nahi bhejti.Toh yahan pe court kehti hai ki bhai court ki najar mei police ke report ki koi value nahi hai.Yeh sirf ek formality hai.Jab kisi pe case hone pe aap pehle use jail bhejte hain aur bail lene ke liye kehte hain toh fir usi case mei police ke case ko jhootha paane pe aap usko bail lene ke liye kyun nahi kehte. Hai na dogli policy.Sach toh yeh hai ki court case karne wale ko poora mauka deti hai ki saala is aadmi ko tum apraadhi bana hi toh.Aur maja toh tab aayega jab usmei State bhi kood jaati hai.(State Vs ------------- ) Ab lo sarkaar se bhi lado bhai.Aakhir aappe case hua kyun bhaiya.

Law says that unless the person proven guilty he cannot be harassed and he is deemed as innocent.But in actual world once a case gets registered the whole world will bombard on you .Aisa lagega jaisi saari kaaynaat milke aapko mujrim saabit karke hi maanegi.

From last 2 years my whole family is suffering because of this poor rotten legal system and still we are going through false cases.

In one of he recent case when they found that the police is going to close the case as false what she did she went to court and filed a false case claiming that we have tried to kidnap her and kept her for 5 days to presurize her to withdraw case .Now can you belive I was in Noida as I work here then how can I go and kidnap her.I have the proof.But I cant do anything.Again I will have to wait for the court summon and then again jump into the legal system to prove my innocence.Now tell me how long can you save yourself.With this someday you will proven as guilty.At present one by one my whole family is dragged into false cases and my family is now at ruined stage.Business gets hugely affected and even I hardly saved my job.

I wrote to all Prime minister,Human rights,chief minsiter,all senior officers but I tell all this system is made only to give lollipop to common people.Nothing happens.All are deaf.Unless you die no one will hear your voice.Unless something extreme bad happens to you no one will look.Take the example of recent rape & death case of Unnao.What happend all system never heard her voice and when her father died in custody even then under huge pressure the govt and system awaken.Tell me do all will have to die to prove there innocene and there saying true.In this modern world why we dont have effective legal system.Even in my situation we sometimes feels like doing suicide.Afterall how long we can chase.

If the govt can spend lot on manythings why the govt dont invests to stand a effective legal system.Huge judge vanacies are pending but who cares.Givt is busy in claiming that India is going to be a global leader.Bullsh*t.Lots of cases are done on the basis of false signatures,false documents,false statements and concoted stories then why the govt dont establish inhouse forensic labs in courts.They dont do becuse if they do then on what they will do politics.They want poor should remain poor and middle class keep busy in there daal roti.I feel the roort cause of all the crimes in india is non-effective and poor judicial and police system.

In one of my case of Specific performance which is again done on the basis of false signature and its running in court from last 2 years.Why the court simply dont send the papers to forensic and dispose the case.It seems quite funny.If someone claims the signature or document is true and other party says its not true then instead of getting into lengthy process why the court dont take immediate step to identify and examine the docement and signature.Then there will be law ki sabko mauka milna chahiye bhale hi saala kisi ki jaan chali jaaye.

My whole family is now fade up and we are getting no clue what to do with all these false cases.In this contry there is no value of humanity.Kanoon toh andha hai toh bhai faisla kaise karte ho.Is desh ka kanoon kehta hai ki kisi aise ke pass jao jiske aankh pe patti bandhi hai aur woh hi faisla karega.Wah bhai wah.Soch ke hi gussa aata hai.Saara system angrzon se chori karke adopt kiya gaya hai aur yeh angrezon ne banaya tha humpe rule karne ke liye aur wahi saare system ko apne hi deshwaashiyon ke liye adopt karke marne ke liye chod diya gaya.Maro saalo aakhir is desh ke logon ki aukaat hi kya hai agar aap aam aadmi hai toh.Agar aap khaash(not common people) hai toh fir dekhiye is system ka kamaal.Kaise sab milke usko bachate hain.Sab action mode mei aa jaatein hain aur saare rules kahi choot jaata hai.Kabhie suna hai ki kisi aam aadmi ya kissan ka bhains(buffalo) ya murga chori ho gaya aur police use dhundh nikaale lekin wahi agar neta ka ho toh aisa aapne suna hai ki woh dhoondh liya jaata hai.Salute hai bhai.

Mera pariwaar toh lad raha hai.God knows kya hota hai hamare saath.I wish ki koi is gandi system mei na fanse .Bahut hi ginuana aur gandgi se bhara hai.Jab kehte ko hi ki jabtak saabit na ho jaye accused innocent hai toh fir bail lene ke liye kyun bolte ho bhai aur kyun uske liye paise charge karte ho.Saabit hua nahi aur jail bhej dete ho .Jail bhejo par jail ko sahi toh rakho taaki wahan insaan reh sake.Jab insaan ke rehne laayak bana nahi sakte jail ko toh kyun bina saabit hue apraadh mei jail bhejte ho.Bina saabit hue jail bhej diye gaye toh kya hoga aapke family ka woh bhi aise case mei jo poori tareh se jhootha hai.Are rape mei murder mei bhejo toh samaj mei bhi aata hai.Baaki cason mei kyun bhejte ho.Pata nahi ek gareeb bechara kaise koi case lad paata hoga because i have seen the difficulties very closely.Kaise woh bechara sabkuch manage karta hoga.I feel like crying.Bahut galat ho raha hai is desh mein.

Mera pariwar bhi ek aam aadmi ki tareh reh raha tha aur kabhie nahi socha tha ki aise din bhi dekhna pad sakte hain.Believe me yeh kabhie bhi kisi ke saath ho sakta hai.Aap agar sochte hain ki aapke saath nahi hua toh aap yeh bhi nahi jaante ki aisa aapke saath future mei nahi hoga.Isliye We should raise our voice against false cases and against this corrupt legal system.Jis din legal system thik ho gaya.Believe me kaafi kuch is desh mei badal jayega.Sabko pata hai ki is desh mei kuch hota toh hai nahi.Karo apni manmaani.Aakhir kya kaaran hai ki chief justice ke kehne ke bawjood koi kuch nahi kar raha.

Take care and beware of this legal system.Don ko pakadna toh muskil hi nahi naamumkin hai lekin aam aadmi ko pakadna baayein haanth ka khel hai bhaiyon.Isliye bachke mat raho aawaz uthao.Aap kab tak bache hain aapko nahi maloom.Kuch galat likha ho toh maaf karna.Aakhir kahan kahu kisse kahun koi toh nahi sunta..Akhir court aur sarkaar apni naakamiyon,kaamchori aur kuch na karne ki niyat ke karne ke kaaran kab tak aamlogon ko aur is desh ki janta ko pareshaan karti rahegi.AApki kami hai ki aap sahi se jaanch nahi kar paate,aapki kami hai ki aap sahi system nahi banate,aapki kami hai ki aap jail sahi nahi kar paate,aapki kami hai ki aap ischiz ke liye paisa kharch nahi karna chahte hain,aapki kami hai ki aap isko jaruri nahi smajte ,aapki kami hai ki aap is desh ke janta ko bher bakri samajhte hain.Hum tax pay karte hain apni khusiyon ke liye,suraksha ke liye,shaanti ke liye.Kya aap itne bhi nahi de sakte hain.

Gaur se Sochiye is desh ki janta ke liye sabse jayada jo bhi jaruri chiz hai wohi saari cheejein 70 saal hone ke baad bhi unmein se ek bhi sahi se thik nahi ho paaya.EDUCATION,HEALTH,WATER,ELECTRICITY,JUDICIARY,POLICE,TRANSPORTATION.Yeh sabhi cheej desh le logon ke liye sabse jyada jaruri hai.Jara sochiye har saal desh ka budget banta hai agar 70 saal mei se sarkaar ne agar ek saal bhi ssari gair jaroori chizon ko chodke ek bhi chiz kiya hota toh 7-8 saal mein saari aamlogon se juri problems kab ki khatm ho gayi hoti.Aakhir kya kaaran hai ki koi isko theek nahi karna chahta chahe koi bhi kisi ki govt ho.KYUNKI SAB AAPKO FANSA KE RAKHNA CHAHTE HAIN.Kunki aam aadmi ko agar time mil gaya toh ek majboot samaj ban jaayega joki inki raajneeti ke liye acha nahi hoga.AAkhir kyun aaj koi kisi ke liye nahi soch paata.Kyun koi road pe mara rehta hai toh use koi dekhne ke liye nahi rookta,aakhir kyun agar koi aapke bahu beti ko pareshan kare toh khara nahi hota.Isliye kyunki aap khud suraksh*t nahi hai toh doosron ko kaise surkash*t kar sakte hain.AAP DARE AUR SEHME HAIN.AAP MAJBOOR HAIN.HUM ITNA SAHENSHEEL HO GAYE HAIN KI APNE HAR DARD KO WAQT AUR SAMAJ KE HAKIKATON SE JOD KE SHAANT BAITHE HAIN.HAMARE DIMAAG MEI YEH BITHA DIYA GAYA HAI KI SABKUCH AISE HI CHALEGA.HUM DIMAAGI ROOP SE ABHI BHI GHULAAM HAIN.EK CHOTA HAANTHI BACHPAN MEI JANJEER SE BANDHA REHTA HAI AUR LAAKH KOSHISHON KE BAAD BHI USE TOD NAHI PAATA.DHEERE DHEERE WOH BADA HO JAATA HAI AUR FIR USE RASSI SE BAANDH KE RAKHNE PAR BHI WOH USE TODNE KI KOSHISH NAHI KARTA.KYUNKI USE LAGTA HAI KI JAB BACHPAN MEI NAHI TOD PAAYE TOH AB KAISE TOD PAAYENGE.JABKI WOH JAANTA HI NAHI KI AB WOH JANJEER NAHI SIRF EK RASSI HAI.







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