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A bizzarre case of mental cruelty,leading to divorce!

Too much of a good thing, man cries for divorce


Plagued by a wife who wanted to ‘wear less to reveal more’ and had an insatiable appetite for s*x, a man has sought divorce — and got it — at a city court!

Vishal Kumar (27) married 26-year-old Isha (name changed) in August 2007 in Delhi. According to his petition, “During their honeymoon (in Kashmir), Isha dressed herself in a very vulgar manner and when he asked her to change, the respondent (Isha) retorted that she had dressed herself up in that way so at least 50 people should notice her.”

The husband also alleged that his wife would wake him up at odd hours for s*x. Vishal said Isha had an excessive demand for s*x and would force him regularly. Isha ‘tortured’ Vishal physically as well as mentally to take revenge from him and his family members as she was not happy with her married life.

Additional District Judge Manmohan Sharma of Karkardooma District Court said the woman was tormenting her husband and that it amounted to cruelty.

The petitioner’s father Suresh Kumar, a Surat-based garment exporter, produced several audio recordings as evidence, leading the court to note, “She (Isha) has gone to the extent of conspiring with her parents to teach the petitioner and his family a lesson.”

The judge said, “The nature of cruelty suffered by the petitioner (Vishal) is partly physical and predominantly mental. Therefore, it is held that the petitioner has been treated with cruelty by the respondent (Isha) after solemnisation of marriage.”

The court also noted that merely living under one roof or sleeping together, without any relationship, was similar to living in a vegetative state together. “Without the necessary ingredients of love and faith, which are the hallmark of a fruitful matrimonial relationship, (it) is nothing but animal existence,” Sharma remarked.

Isha refuted all allegations, saying her in-laws had huge dowry demands and often beat her. She also accused her husband of having an affair.

The court dismissed all her arguments, granting the divorce and saying, “The respondent (Isha) crossed another milestone by making reckless allegations of demand of dowry and illicit relationship against her husband, which she could not prove.”


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Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     13 February 2011

FALSE DOWRY ALLEGATIONS, a hallmark of all allegations from female side. all maldjustments in family life attributed to dowry only.

why they dont fight on real issues, that can in fact have proved damaging to husband in these type  cases.

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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     13 February 2011


News byte may be analyzed in Indian context;


Does not a Indian Wife needs to be protected from the wandering eyes of a third person especially by her husband in public places?
You make a choice to agree or disagree this…….

2. Does not in
men pass lewd remarks to ladies irrespective of their dress sense?
You again make a choice to agree or disagree this……..

3. Does not various Travels and Tourism Websites have explecitly put statutory warnings and rate India even lower than Egypt as lowest in making any woman visitor (irrespective of her marital status) uncomfortable even if she wears a knee length dress?
You have to decide if you agree or disagree this…..

4. It is said in the news item that
she had dressed herself up in that way so at least 50 people should notice her”

Question before Court’s mind was also that a Indian husband should keep mum today but what about tomorrow if again she says the same and dresses in same way? That is called tormenting one spouse by act(s) of another possibilities. 
Agree or disagree………

5. Now, readers how a husband who has this wife who wears revealing cloths in public can protect his own wife if a third person passes a lewd remarks in public on her revealing cloths sense?
I mean do readers ‘expect all the time during his matrimonial life’ this husband to remain tormented day-in / day-out with such lewd persons in outside world whenever they two are in public environs and still keep mum of his wife’s dress sense because Indian men wear shorts and show their naked upper body even per se 100% occasions be it indoors or outdoors!


Flip arguments now;

1.1. If a Indian husband has excessively demanded s*x from his wife, does it not amount to cruelty to wife or not?
Agree or disagree?

1.2. If a Indian husband wakes up his wife at odd hours and demands further s*x, does it not amount to cruelty to wife or not?
Agree or disagree?

1.3 A universal fact of Indian married man is that he likes nature of nakedness of his wife to be exposed only to him in private to drive him to marital heights and when that very essence of nakedness of a wife is exposed in public right from h’moon duration then his libido nose dived from begining which was also one of the pre-assumptions the Court carried probably.
A patriarchal mind set ! ankho ki sharam of a Indian husband and wife; called as may be.
Though first sentence under this para do you agree or disagree…?

What were the further allegations here by which spouse and against which spouse and what relief?

These are called harmoniously looking at alleged set of incidences as in (possibilities of what could have happened between a couple during honeymoon and as an average a middle class couples honeymoon is of 3-4 nites which here is continuation as in time space travel of a newly married couples life) as infrenced facts as in a divorce suit as in at trial Court level and even if one allegation during these 3-4 nites is proved as possibility to continue by a petitioning spouse the result is before us. However it is just a trial Courts view the lady has three more superior Courts to approach and if a lady can vehemently wear revealing cloths to attract 50 more people as she says inspite of husbands objections then she is capable to approach three more superior Courts above to set-aside the debated Order as read via a media reporting and she is not a rural woman here for sympathetic consideration in any way.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     14 February 2011


Denying s*x is cruelty to husbands, excess s*x is cruelty to husband. Right to dressing is reserved with the husband. Excessive s*x and dressing matter more than humanity. Just Marry find some fault/incompatibility and then divorce. And Game is Over.

So, wife is puppet dances with the tune of husband and is like private property. 

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It is true that now a days, wifes only torture their husbands, and they do not allow their husbands even to stay seperately. The Laws are favourable only to ladies and it is high time that the Supreme Court takes note of this pitiable condition of the husbands. SR

randomethic (Professional)     21 February 2011

Thank you, Mr Ashutosh...atleast someone sees what this is really about.


I agree with tajobs here.

randomethic (Professional)     21 February 2011

I agree with what Mr Tajobs says but I think that protecting a woman and it might be any woman and she may have any relationship (sister, mother, wife, MIL, SIL, grandmother, aunt, friend) with a man from the lewd remarks and wandering eyes of another man is more important. But that is only my personal view point.


I do however, agree with the flip points...especially since I have been the recepient of number 1.1 and 1.2 after being deprived for days and being rejected endlessly and given the silent treatment for no fault of mine by my so called pati who wants to be treated like God and whom I loved sincerely for all these years and used to actually feel grateful that he was even touching me at all! It is weird that I might have to prove this in court because I sure as hell did not go to bed with a camera in hand, preparing for a divorce case and neither did I realize for a very long time, how wrong what he was doing to me was. 


Sure, protect women from monsters outside...but who protects us from the monster that sleeps right next to us and is capable of anything in the name of being our husband?

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