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Respected all Learned Legal Advicers,

Ther is a veery old "Agreeement for Sale" document which is about 30 years old for a pic of land. [ Big land divided into smallpie es and sold to many peeople].

Now the first member of the saller is dead and the second one [ his son is working in mumbai. Now he [son] is not tracable and long back he had refuged to come for registration of the document at the registereed office. Now What to do. Still in 7/12 his name and his mothers namee are there.

Please hlp. Thanks in advance



File suit for specific performance...


If the land is in your possession you file declaratory suit also.

How sir. Th person is missing and what veer address i have - he is not staying at that place.

Is it possible to give a notice in nespaper and wait for a month and go to the register and get it registration.

There are about 5 such casees with this man.


Thanks sir. Currently the land is vaccant and you can take as with me.

What is the dclaration form etc...


Has the purchaser been put in possession?


The seller had issued an allotment letter along with the Agreement for sale [ ie handing over the plot].

currently i managed to vaccate the treaspassers.



Also can you suggest a good and economic lawyer in and around vashi .

Thanks in advance



An agreement was made to sell the land to many people and the land was alloted to the purchasers. If the purchasers are in possession of the land for more than 12 years they cannot be evicted under the limitation act, 1963. Who are the trespassers?  Has anyone other than the purchasers under the 30 year old agreement encroached upon the land?


currently no one except the purchasr ie me .. its a open land [plot] . 

As i am the oownr and occupier then what is the procedure to get the land regstreed in my name as the old seller vanished. 

Also are there any land taxes [un developed and not cultivated] in maharashtra.

Thanks in advance.





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