Our police investigation procedure is inhuman and biased

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our current police investigation procedure is stated below:

if you say you did the crime and you are guilty, you will be treated like a king.

nobody even touch you.

but if you say you did not do the crime and you are not guilty, then you will be

given 3rd degree torture, narco test "to make you tell the truth."

the presumption of this practice is that "YOU ARE GUILTY".

but the question is that if police know that you are guilty, they must have

evidence against you. why just they don't place you before court with evidence ?

why torture to make you tell "the truth?"

some will say that police need clues of crime. thats why they torture you to get a

clue? but then why torture? why not simply interrogate? if the man lies, he will be

caught and then he will be interrogated again.

this kind of investigation practice will show just one thing that POLICE DON'T USE THEIR BRAIN TO KNOW THE TRUTH. rather they distort the truth to make innocent people suffer.

this kind of practice is against right of personal liberty. hence it is unconstitutional too.

what do you think?



Sir, i am astonished at your comments.  each and every instance is observed in police department.  they even dont touch the public where they know their limits.  Police takes only criminal offenses and if they involvement in civil matters is there the matter can be taken to the higher officials or courts.  I think you are not aware of the indian laws.  Fight against the police men who are against the rules.  you may find them only one among the others, but to say they are also humans.  dont be angry on them and on the system.


corporate lawyer

i am very much aware of indian law. the treatment you mention is given to those who are rich and wealthy: only 1% of the total population.


the treatment i mention is given to poor and middle class( the aam aadmi).  think about it.



You are right.Read this incident.

Kolkata: The Kolkata rape victim, who claims to have tracked down her rapists on Facebook, was allegedly questioned overnight on Wednesday by the police. Her questioning began in the police station on Wednesday night and continued till 5 am on Thursday, according to sources.

The victim, a mother of two, had alleged that policemen mocked her when she asked why no arrests had been made. The victim has been claiming that she tracked down her rapists on social networking website Facebook and took snapshots of their photographs to file a complaint against them.

The police picked up one man matching the prime suspect's profile and his friend for questioning on Thursday evening. They then called the victim to the police station to identify her attacker. When she couldn't identify him, she was questioned till 5 am.

Police sources say several discrepancies have been found in her account.

But immigration officers confirmed that one of them was in fact in Canada that night.

Reacting to the woman's allegation Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, Damayanti Sen said, "We are treating this case with utmost seriousness and sensitivity and there has been no slackness in police investigations so far."

"We are probing the allegations of police misbehaviour with the victim. Strict departmental actions will be taken against anybody found guilty," Sen said.

Moreover, the victim, who alleged that she was raped at gunpoint in a moving car earlier this month, hasn't been able to identify her attacker. The victim's medical report is also awaited.


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look bro, i am damn sure that the woman is lying. there was no rape.

police found that amber, the brother of the rape victim was fired by the rapists from a call centre for allegedly supplying info from that call center.

now none of those alleged rapists were on the spot. neither there is any medical report confirming that rape happened.

so the conclusion: there was no rape. amber and his sister conspired against those people because they fired amber. the woman lodged a false rape complaint to get those people behind the bar. thats why those rapists are not found on the spot.


@arnab banerjee

But can you justify the procedure laid down  by police i.e, questioning began in the police station on Wednesday night and continued till 5 am on Thursday, according to sources.

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yes that is not just. and that is my point also. we have to revive our investigation system to make it more civilised.

what do you think?

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The sorry state of affairs narrated by Mr.Arnab Banerjee is unfortunately still prevailing in majority of the police investigations.   That is the reason  as to why  the general opinion about the police is very poor inspite of the fact that there are some really honest and good  ones also.   Perhaps, the solution can only be found by the Parliament by making the Police Organisation totally independent  from the executive control.

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corporate lawyer

no, the police should be brought under judiciary. police will be servant of court. rather than servant of corrupt politicians.

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I fully agree with you. Even if you have done any serious crime and you are affluent and politically well connected, you will be allowed to go free and in your place charges will be framed against any innocent person who will spent his whole life fighting the case.




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