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I am writing this seeking help for one of my friend. She got married one year back and her husband is currently staying in abroad. It looks like they are not having problems as such when they come together but for some reasons he is getting pressure from his family to not proceed with his life with this girl. She recently travelled to his place and met him and they stayed together couple of days. And also agreed to live together forgetting the bitter experience they have gone through after wedding and she had returned after that to get visa procedures done. Once she returned back again he started his drama and it looks like either he is not confident to run a life or he is getting strong pressure from someone from his family(or friends) ans reason is unclear. 

I am loking for a agency or any helping group preferably run by women to give her counselling and getting her proper guidance to handle this matter. Request your assistance in providing right guidance to me to help her

Vakeel No. 1

By opening ID by name Helping Hand you are not helping anyone.  Do yourself a favor. Stay away from such matters.  If you have so much khujli to help this woman, be ready to face rape charges or adultery charges from her husband, then decide who needs help. 


Today there are lot of options for girls, there is actually no need for your hand to help any girl. Better chag your own than poke finger into others bagina.



We do not know which city this lady belongs. You google and find out such women's organizations to mediate and sort out the domestic problems. Even the cases spill out to courts, the first action the court takes is to mediate between the estranged couple.

Hi Sir, She is from Bangalore only. Sure i will do it

Hi Sir, She is from Bangalore only. Sure i will do it

Thank u Vakalath for your valuable inputs

  1. Any personal matter between husband and wife should stay personal. Husband and wife try to talk with each other and resolve matter. Try to convince husband about jointly seeing a marriage counsellor who is trained to create emotionally safe space for honest conversation between the couple. Chances of getting resolution of problems using this method is 90%.
  2. Involve a third person from family to force a solution in girls favor - chances of resolution now drops to 50%. 
  3. Involve someone outside immediate family to force a solution in girls favor - chances for resolution drop to 5%.
  4. Involve lawyer or court in matter - chances of resolution drops to 0.
  5. If girl is hell bent on involving outside parties and make this a legal matter she can file a 498A/406/377/DV/125/HMA24 package of cases on husband. It is as easy as ordering pizza, any lawyer will happily jump on this. Simple matter of changing names and dates in ready made template of allegations.
  6. No court can fix a broken relationship. Court can only grant divorce when both parties consent.
  7. If both parties don't consent then court gives date after date for 10-15 years no matter what laws, sections of IPC or evidence you use. 
  8. After 10 years of bitterness and court fight any decision given by court is pointless with regards to day-to-day life. 
  9. Lawyers will come and give you advise that law favors women etc. and that she can teach husband a lesson using all these laws. This is blatant lie told by lawyers to make you a client for rest of your life.



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