Need advice on foreign marriage registry

Hi All,

Recenetly I come across many cases related to matrimony where I see how Indian law is gender biased and girls are torturing with money.. my many friends are now suffering and no where.. neither they get divorce, nor lady cooperating..

In thsi contect I decided some thing and experts plz comment on this,

I am not going to get marry in India, No templ marriage, No registration, No social marriage etc... Just I will give a party to all all..

I will takek to my wife and will register in Thailang or Phillipines...and I enquired that that marriage certificate is valid at my current residensial at Singapore..

That marriage certificate from Thailand / Phillipines will register in Singapore and she will stay with me a wife..

My query is that a an Indian and if I dont get marry as per Indian rules then incase disputes can she file case (498, DV bla bla ) in future in India and is it necessary that my divorce case will run at India???


Depend on fact if you come to India then she may file such cases being jurisdiction of Indian courts.



You Mary anywhere in the world of your wife is from India she can lodge criminal complaint against you for cruelty, dowry demand , domestic violence etc. in India as and when she's here and you both are in dispute. Yes even divorce case be filled in India by either party under the Foreign Marriage Act, 1969. Your philosophy about marrying in country like Philippines which is a Christian country and where the concept of divorce through court is not in existence is just misguided by some stupid foreign lawyer whom you paid heavy fee to get this idea.

Dear Mahajan Sir, Thank you for your input...

I agree but all DV, dowry case has no existance.. till date firl can file many cases but I never see any conviction..

I agree philipines has no proper matrimony law..

But Thailand seems  to be valid..

Can you suggest how it goes?

legal advisor

Too much anticipation regarding your future would do no good to you.shed your fears and marry someone and live a negative mindset at the very beginning of your matrimonial life might instill doubts in the mind of your future wife and that itself is enough

Dear Saravanan, I agree with you...

But all these already happened to my life.. I lost many time job during my divorce process, where she file many allegation to extract money and finally settled with handsome money..

But important was it tooks around 8 years to get my divorce and I know what Indian law is..?


you came to LawyersClubIndia--> Lawyers Club India.. understanding one thing for sure. these lawyers will not give you any correct answer until they get paid. they are attracting their clients with free advice.

Hindu Marriage Act apply when you both marry under Hindu Customs. So putting sindoor is sufficent in tample will make this marriage under HMA Even if its done at MOON. so forget about you can escape from HMA.

you can take her with fiance visa and marry her at singapore with singapore customs. this will void HMA.

even if you are not indian, indian lawyers can still give much problems with indian laws and you will have to deal them years and no escape.






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