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My Name is "Deepak Kumar" everywhere in all my documents and my father's name is "D N Singh" in some documents & "Dina Nath Singh" in some other documents. I belong to "Patwa" caste which is in OBC in both State Govt. Uttar Pradesh and Central Govt. India. My father never used "Patwa" as his title and used "Singh" as his title which is wrong as we dont belong to Rajput caste. I've old OBC certificate for both State & Central Govt. format. Many peoples from our caste write "Patwa" as their title. Anyway, I was okay to write my name as "Deepak Kumar" as all my documents have same name and atleast it does not have any wrong title if not having "Patwa" as title.

I recently got married and my wife maiden name is "Surbhi Sanoriya" and has this name in all her documents. Now this is again a wrong title used by their parents "Sanoriya" as they also belong to "Patwa" caste and her title should be the same.

As after marriage, girls name can be changed, so, I want to change her name to "Surbhi Patwa" and given the same name in my Office for their record. Now, I want to updated her Aadhaar card name also to "Surbhi Patwa" and make new driving license, voter id, passport, pan card with same name as she did not have these documents till yet.

Is it possible? One of my friend said, your wife name follows your title and would become "Surbhi Kumar" which would be wrong as "Kumar" is not a surname and generally used as middle name in India but it is being treated as my surname as my name don't have surname. Also, they said even if debate that "Kumar" is not surname, then your wife name follows your father surname and become "Surbhi Singh".

I want update my wife name as "Surbhi Patwa" in her Aadhaar card and make her IDs as mentioned above with same name. As mentioned, I have State & Central Govt. old OBC certificates. Please help me urgently!!!  :(:(


There is nothing wrong/ illegal in changing her name to Surbhi Patwa.


Thanks sir for the reply.

Then, how can I update her name on Aadhaar card as "Surbhi Patwa" from "Surbhi Sanoriya" as it needs ID proof to do the same. Also, her name on all school & colleges marksheets and certificate is same "Surbhi Sanoriya". Except Aadhaar card, she dont have any Govt ID proofs and I want to make her all new Govt ID proofs with "Surbhi Patwa" name but dont have any existing ID proof with same name.

Sir, pls help me!!


Act as advised.


Good afternoon to all,

        Sir my name is I.Ramasamy but two years ago i added my mom's name as A.I.Ramasamy according to the G.O of TN Government in the AIADMk period announced.I had passed in tnpsc exam in that  i have uploaded my signature as A.I.Ramasamy but in my certificates it appears as I.Ramasamy. TNPSC will call me verfication within this month. Will it become a problem sir. I have Gazatte Copies and G.O with me


                                                                         Thanking you sir,


@Deepak: Why are you so much interested in changing your wife's name as per your own wish, have you ever consulted her about this, did you give respect to her feelings while you had pressurized her to change her name as per your choice?   Well, instead of changing her name in each and every document, arrange to give a gazette notification to change her name from previous to present and carry a copy attached to her certificates where ever it becomes necessary.


yes sir, she dont have any issue and i am not pressurizing her with my choice...we love and respect each other. now, how to do it why there is need for gazzete  notification? Cant be name changed by virtue of marriage?




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