My husband and inlaws thrown me out of home, demand dowry

Hello Everyone. I am Neha, 28 years old. I got married in 2014 in July. I married to a guy 7 years elder to me and he is in government class one job. This was his second marriage, He had got mutual divorce from her earlier wife from whom he got separated after 1 month of marriage.

My parents spent approximate 6 lakhs on marriage in total, and gave 2 lakhs cash and golden jewellery to my inlaws and husband and to me. From the day one, my inlaws used to taunt me for bringing less dowry. They used to keep me straved, and used to keep me closed in a room. They didnot allow me to go out, My husband kept himself busy in his official work, and didnt take me to any destination. In the mean time I got pregnent in august 2014, still they did not allow me to eat properly. In march 2015, my father took me to my parental home for delivery, where the delivery was normal and all expenditure was taken up by my father. I gave birth to male baby in May 2015, and at the end of may 2015 my husband took me to my matrimonal home. Where my new born baby got ill, and my inlaws and husbands did not take care of his illness and baby died due to not giving proper medical treatment in june 2015. After death of baby, my husband and inlaws started demanding 3 lakhs as dowry, and started beating me everyday. in september 2015, they tried to kill me, and thrown me out of their home and threatened me if I will not bring 3 lakhs cash they will not allow me to stay in matrimonial home, My father took me to my prental home (i was in three clothes only). all my istridhan was kept by my inlaws.

In september 2015 i gave police complaint to SSP that my inlaws use to beat me, and i want to stay in my matrimonial home. But that complaint was closed by police after 3 weeks. Then due to mis guidance by one person, I filed divorce under section 13 against my husband in december 2015. After an advocate guided me properly, i withdrawn that divorce in march 2015. and in april 2015 I filed maintenance under crpc125. My husband is earning 70,000 per month, i am only having post graduation degree in information technology, i was working before marriage only, my query is:

a. how much monthly maintenance i can get.

b. please guide me what more case i can file against my inlaws and husband.

c. please tell chances of my win if i file new cases.

d. as i have told u my whole situation, please guide me with proper advice. 


If you have sufficient evidence to prove that you have given dowry and they have harassed you for further dowry, then 1. You can file Section 498-A and S.406 I.P.C. before the police. As the police, like last time, refuse to take any action, you can file the case directly before the Magistrate. 2. You can also file case under Dowry Prohibition Act before the police and if they fail to take action, before the Magistrate directly. 3. You can file domesti violence case seeking compensation and right to reside in matrimonial home. 4. In your maintenance case, the court if satisfies that you are indigent, then despite your good efforts you are not in a position to get job, then grant about 1/3rd of your husband's income to you. But, at the end, all these cases end into divorce case, if you like it or not.


Maximum maintenance that you may be awarded by the Family Court under section 125 Cr.P.C can be somewhere 10-15 thousand per month from your husband, The judge may even advice you to find appropriate job for self as you are qualified person and have been working previously before marriage. Other than this order you can be allowed the right to residence from your husband if you so claim under the D.V. Act, that too will depend on the financial capacity of your husband at his cost. Beyond this you cannot claim or get any other relief from the husband. Divorce by mutual consent is possible between both on the basis of permanent alimony and maintenance basis if both of you agree on the amount to be paid to you.

1. What kind of proofs are needed for dowry articles and istridhan articles

2. what kind of proofs are needed if cash 2 lakhs have been give in marriage

3. what kind of proofs are needed to establish that they asked me to bring 3 lakhs

4. what kind of proofs r needed to show that they thrown me out of home

5. what kind of proofs r needed tht they used to starve me (they didnt used to give me eat meals)

6. in my first police complaint, that was general complaint. i have not metioned anything about dowry demands or istridhan in that complaint. then i send complaint to state women commission, in that also i have not mentioned anything about dowry demands or given at marriage. 

As i am separate since 8 months, can i again give complaint to police by adding new facts of dowry and istridhan.


Well by going thru ur query prima facie it seems u dont hv any proofs of the crueltyu r talking about. Its strong advice to u that proceed with other cases only if (stress) u want divorce. Bcz these cases leads to divorce. And spare your 2-4 years at least for courts. Otherwise just relax, talk with then for amicable solution.

6. in my first police complaint, that was general complaint. i have not metioned anything about dowry demands or istridhan in that complaint. then i send complaint to state women commission, in that also i have not mentioned anything about dowry demands or given at marriage. 

your point number 6, mentioned above, is the most decisive factor and can shred your claims in court very easily if used properly and correctly by a seasoned lawyer....


6) I want to ask you if they really ask you money then why dnt you write in your first application? You can give complain but dnt give any complain if you dnt have any evidence. You will only waste time and money in court. The advocate who suggests you to withdraw divorce is making you fool. He only wants to earns money by filling case . He will spoil your life. dnt file any case without evidence. Evidence can be photos, recording, bank transactions detail, medical reports . If you dnt have evidence and your lawyer suggest you to file any case then before filing just ask him how many such case he win previously. In last I want to suggest you if you want divorce then go MCD and start new life.

how can a woman forget to mention about dowry demands from inlaws while she files a police complaint ??????

It appears the lady's lawyer as usual had filed divorce case based on MERE ALLEGATIONS and NO EVIDENCE and hence has withdrawn the same.


Classic case of how a lady spoils her life by filing false cases without any substantial evidence. If husband surrenders under pressure the woman gains BUT if the husband fights back then in 1-1.5year the lady realizes what has really happened ....will neither get money nor husband..





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