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M1 (Husband 1) is married to F1 (Wife 1) ---- M2 (Husband 2) is married to F2 (Wife 2).

M1 is already divorced to F1.  F2 wants to take divorce from M2 but M2 keeps on lingering.

M1 and F2 are in love and want to get settled.  Now as you know M1 is already divorced so no question arises for him.

F2 is seeking divorce, filled for divorce but M2 seems uninterested.


Now M1 and F2 is deciding upon living together without registering new marriage in order to escape from any litigation.

Can they live together?  Legally, I know they can't.  But they can be in live in relationship with out legal status till the time F2 gets divorce from M2.  Time is passing by and M2 is a roadside kind of guy and is insensible.  However as F2 wants to finish it off calmly didnt filed package of DV, 498 or maintenance.  

Please suggest can M1 and F2 live together and enjoy their life till F2 gets divorce?  Once F2 will get divorce M1 and F2 will legally get married.  Till the course of time they dont want to waste precious time.




M2 will legally sue M1 if livein is exposed. M2 is not insensible and road side guy but he is clever as he must be aware of whats happening. F2 & M1 should better pay him (M2) money to get divorce and then enjoy life ( F2 & M1.)

If F2 files DV/498 on M2 then M1 has to better look for F3 who is unamrried if he wants to get married asap without litigation/legal cases.

Another option is to fix M2 with will follow


Instructor @ Calcutta (

Relation between M1 and F2 is illegal. M2 can prosecute M1 u/s 497 IPC (Adultery). 


Dear Born Fighter and Rocky Smith,

Thank you for your valuable comments.  Futherly how about planning in such a manner where M2 will not at all know about M1.  Even in worst case, if M2 will come to know then how about planning this way:

M1 is living in a two storeyed bungalow with separate enty for the first floor.  M1's parents will make a rent agreement by the name of F2.  So legally and technically F2 is staying there as a tenant and it will be difficult for any one to prove adultery or live in relationship.


Before getting into adventures, think of all the what-ifs.  What if, M1 and F2 head to Court some day? Live-in relationships qualify a woman to file a DV case... only situation where DV, in MHO is useful to a woman. If you just want to have fun, use hotels. DV is not applicable there...  After you get official divorce, then and only then, jump into the well of marriage... again. Guess you did not learn your lesson the first time around.



According to me, it is very difficult to prove all these.  I have seen many where one party keeps on lingering the matter and other moved on without the legal status of the relationship.  At the end of the day it is just the trust which one should seek.  If one wait for the court to order then his or her life will be hell which will be stopped going no where.  According to me its better to move on without any legal status wherein mutual trust of both the parties are necessary.  One of my friend and my couple of collegues moved on and is happily living.  Just appearing on the court dates with nothing to worry upon.  It is very difficult to prove all these.


In this case F2 has strong evidence against the M2 involved in adultery. F2 have M2's s*xual chat.  Also M2 misrepresented his Date of Birth either in Marriage Certificate or in Passport.  If we consider his passport's Date of Birth true then he was a minor during marriage.


There are many things against M2 but court is so lazy to proceed at rapid pace and is least concern about the age of the parties passing by unnecessarily.

So its better to find the loopholes and move on.

Your comments please.

Instructor @ Calcutta (

@ Samir N (2HelpU)

How will you have child in this case? Having child is a strong evidence of adultery. Is not it?  


I thought it is story of karishma kapoor.wink


Now a days - when the court allows and not against LIVING TOGETHER - Sec 497 IPC - adultery has no meaning at all - The Society is going back.... living in Forest  .....


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