Is it illegal to kill stray dogs?

Is it illegal to kill stray dogs?

I am in Delhi and in my residential area the stray dogs have become very aggressive.

They are also full of diseases.

I was bitten by a stray dog a few days back. Cost of medical treatment will be more than Rs. 3000/-

These stray dogs are dangerous to little children too of course.

A small child MAY NOT SURVIVE the attack of a diseased stray dog.

A stray dog can go mad anytime and start biting. Any stray dog can become vicious.

If citizens kill stray dogs for the SOLE PURPOSE of cleaning up their residential area, is it ok?

MCD is asleep.

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why should one react to violence with violence?


i think there are some NGOs or animal homes which can be informed and they will take the dogs away...

plus,you should have a meeting with the members of your locality to find a mutual solution,which is peaceful as well.....

people of ur locality shud jointly meet the concerned authorities and be assertive & stern while demanding the removal of these dogs to some animal home....but dont kill them for god's sake!it's inhuman

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Agreed with Aishwarya, though in our State you will not find any stray dogs as they have been laid on the table.


Killings or inhuman treatment to dogs will be illegal and violation of THE PREVENTION OF
CRUELTY TO ANIMALS ACT, 1960. Avoid doing such cruel acts as it may lead to bigger problems than solving anything. Please contact animal welfare NGOs, they will come and sterilize the dogs so that they do not multiply. You may try contacting the following:

Dogs or other animals do not attack unless disturbed, harrassed or irritated by anybody. Children usualy have a tendency to run around them and disturb them in various ways. Hence tell the children to not disturb the dogs or any animal.

It is a big misconception that dogs can suddenly go mad, vicious and start biting etc. without any cause or reason. They have a brain and also IQ levels of a small human child. Only if dogs are disturbed, beaten, terrified etc., only then out of fear and for instinctive feeling of self protection they bite. Otherwise if good behaviour is done by humans, they also eqully respond with good and friendly behaviour.


Dear Democratic Indian, the architect of our state hood were well aware of the Naga Food habit, and considering all those aspects, Article 371-A was inserted in the Constitution which is a minature Constitution within the Constitution. Yes, Cruelty to animal act and all those related Acts including that of environmental acts can not prevail over article 371-A, as the Constitution is the Mother of all Laws. The Law commission of India also moted the concept of introducing Environmental Courts in the Country some 5 to 6 years back, but in the face of Article 371-A, it will be very difficult to introduce Environmental Courts in the case of Nagaland. This is the reason why there are no birds and animals in our State as all have been laid on the tables.

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Senior Management

pack them in bus and send to mahraani bagh near mnaka jis' residence. she is an animal lover and can take of them thru some animal's rights organistaions. other solution is to pack them and send to nagaland. or send to any unit of naga battalion posted nearby.

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As India grows in industrialization and modernization, too does the population of dogs. I feel bad for many of the people here, but my heart positively bleeds for the animals. WE do forget that if we live in harmony with animals we can create better and fruitful lives for all of us. I saw an old cat in my compound wall, after sometime an old cat shrieking  and the street dogs (5 Dogs ) catch the old cat and kill the old cat , I go there the cat  toss about with pain as dog already bite on cat’s neck, the cat died in 5 minutes.  , at that time I feel pain as I do not rescue the cat .So, the solution is 1. Set up a dog shelter in association with a vet.
2. Collect all street dogs and let them stay in the shelter.
3. Fix all of these dogs. If too many dogs in streets ,nasbandi (Khasi ) is solution but sometimes the problem is like this ; female dog is a mother without kids and  she has a milk accumulated and her brest is swoolen and probably paining. The reason is municipality people did not do their job properly.


In Mahabharatha there is a story. Koushika, a brahmin acquires enormous powers through thapas. One day when he was sitting under a tree, a balaka bird discharged bird drops on his head. He angrily looked up and cursed and the bird fell dead. Afterwards he went into the village seeking alms[biksha]. The lady of the house was  about to give him alms, when her husband returned home. She immediately went inside to attend to her husband and made the brahmin wait.  Afterwards when she came out with alms, Koushika was very angry and was about to curse her. The lady replied "I am not balaka. I am a pativratha. Your curse will do me no harm. First learn to control yourself , if you are seeking salvation." Then Kaushika cools down and asks for her advice. She advices him to go to Dharmavyadha.

After a long journey Koushika reaches Dharmavyadha. He was very busy in his shop attending to customers. The whole place filled meat, blood and dead bodies of birds and animals. Koushika had to wait bearing the stench and  watching the sight till sunset. After sunset he closed his business and went inside to attend to his old parents. After some more time he comes out asks Koushika  what he wants. Koushika asks him is it not a sin that everyday you kill so many birds and animals? As a brahmin have I got to learn dharma from a sinner like you. Dharmavyadha gives him a long serman. The gist of it was that we cannot live in this world without killing animals. Even the water you drink contains many unseen animals. 

The advice of Dharmavyadha is pertinent in this case too. Do we not kill flies, mosquitos, bed bugs? Do we not kill rats and bandikoots. Islam says that animals should be bled to death to make them fit for eating. Millions of fish and millions of animal are killed every day so that man can eat and live.

One should not be unnecessarily cruel to animals. When necessary they have to be killed. But kill in a humane manner.

Unfortunately due to influence of Jainism  some courts in this country have ordered the municipalities not to kill stray. So we have to suffer their bites and disturbing our sleep at night.

MPS Ramani

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Dear Dabangg Lady, instead of Maharani bagh why not to Nagaland. we will be very happy to received them from Guwahati.


I am totally shocked that some of us take the side of diseased stray dogs.

1. Although we know that nobody keeps a track of the health of stray dogs in the neighbourhood...who has the time?

2. Although we know that little children CANNOT be controlled and watched all the time.


So our little children continue to be at severe risk in our neighbourhoods because we love stray dogs so much.


Incidentally, the stray dog that bit me, bit me WITHOUT PROVOCATION.




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