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Dear friends, 16 days back , on 11/01/2016 I had booked an International money transfer to a GCC country from India through "UAE exchange and financial services ltd" for a total amount of Rs. 147,000. They had promised me the transfer to be complete and funds to be credited to beneficiary with in 48 hours of the transfer. They were very sure that the transaction happens with in the said 48 hours and even told me may be with in 24 hrs it will get credited. They didnt point me towards any chances or possibilities of any delay which may happen due to any circumstances. So I agreed and paid them the full amount, without even any nagotiation, even though the total amount was almost Rs. 6000 higher than the actual exchange rate. 48 hours passed, 72 hours passed, 96 hours passed, the fund never got received by the beneficiary account. The amount was gone from my account the same day (11/01/2016) it self. I was doing regular follow up with the exchange and their head office but they continued repeating their slogan " it will be credited with in today ". Untill 21st of jan morning, 10 days after the transfer, when I called them , they told me that the fund is being held by "OFAC" for investigation and they asked to provide my passport details. The passport xerox and even scanned soft copy was given to the exchange 10 days I told them just give it and solve any issues. As I mentioned earlier they never informed me about ofac or any possible block or delays while booking the transfer.they were very sure it will get transfered with in 48 hrs or even lesser. Again two days passed, the party to whom I done the fund transfer was preasurising me, and this fund never reached there. At last I was even forced to arange another funds(gold loan) worth the same amount of 1.5 lakhs and deposot it to their account in India, Instead. Now iam paying interest for that amount myself. I wasted my time, energy , mood and money following up with the exchange people. They are not taking any responsibility and not even giving me a probable date. Even if I had send a courier, it may had reached by now. Atlast I asked them to give a refund for the full amount, but they are refusing to refund it. They are telling that, the fund is in hold by ofac ( an international agency in us) and is not available with them and so they cant refund it till they receive it. But I told them in writing and verbally that I was dealing directly and only with uae exchange and not with any other bank or agency. I was not even aware of the means they do the transfer.they failed to inform me about any possible delays or holding of funds etc... But they still refuse to give me refund. This negligence from them had caused me several loses.I had booked a flight to travel abroad yesterday 25th but I was forced to extend the date paying penalty and fare difference worth Rs. 7000 total. My appartment abroad is vaccant now but starting yesterday I will have to pay the rent since I failed to reach there. I took a loan in lieu of this fund being held by this exchange and is paying interest now. I would like to know if ir would be better to file a complaint at consumer court and also if I am eligible for a fair remunaration. How long it will take to get a court order. Or else should I complaint at a police station as a cheeting case to get my funds back. I am ok if I get refund with in this month, at least. Please advice. Thanks.

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