husband alcoholic and doesnt give living

Hello Friends,

my sister got married with a alcoholic person who does not work and dont provide daily expenses even not provide monthly expenses for monthly ration/needs.he doesnt have basic common sense. 

she has 2 sons age of 4yrs and 2yrs.........her elder son is also not admitted in school because he doent work/earn. he drinks everyday and doesnt fulfill even basic food needs.

his family(mother,father,sister and brother) they also live in same house and have their own seprate budget for household expenses and they dont also support/feed my sister and her sons.we are in very big tension due to this pshyco man. 

if my sister take divorce from him then he is not able to provide any alimony or monthy stipend and also her kids will lose family's property share.

please suggest what is best way to handle this mean and cunning people.please advise the best .





Alcholic and dosen't earn anything for a living.Have any efforts been made to change him,with proper medication and counselling?



If divorce is taken, your sister is not entitled, but her children are entitled in 'ANCESTRAL PROPERTY', but not self acquired property.  If she doesn't want divorce, she can resort to Section 125 cr.p.c. seeking maintenance for her and her children. 


Hi Sainath..........his family does not want to spent any single penny on his medication or treatment.we already having burden of sister and her kids. now you tell me how will it be possible.

and whatelse we can do in this case?

please advise.






Advocate & Solicitor at Law

Who told yu that the divorce will result in the children losing their right in the property of the father? No such law.

As far as maintenance is concerned, you can approach the courtr under various provisions of law and seek appropriate legal remedies. Court is not concerned with his drinking problems. As long as he is able bodied and capable of working, he shall have to pay maintenance.

Augustine Chatterjee



Hi Dink Chak,

thanks for your reply.........but i would like to make you aware of this man's nature/behaviour.

he is illitrate and 0% civilised , makkari and stealing money or begging for Rs 10 or 20.

his family is also illitrate lik him and they are beast in civil society and dont have any moral/human values . 

as you suggested ask wine shop not to provide him 3 you really think it will be impossible for him to get alcohol from other shop , secondly its delhi he can get alcohol  wherever he wants . 

he doesnt care abt his family ,wife and kids ....and not intrested in anything except drinking or being drunked. 

even we have tried with him and his family to sit and talk on this issue to save their marriege and better life but he is not keen on and even start blaming he earned so much and give to his mother or wife and its useless to waste time on talk with them.

my sister was so ill and he didnt take her to doctor and no money remained in his pocket & calling us to take her from there, she was almost getting die , her half body was getting numb due to extreme heartbeat and illness but he had no care and lied on bed with fillled his stomach by alcohol.

hope you got idea about this insect. so now suggest somthing .




Renukaji, U disagree with the legal expert's and and advice with absurd suggestions. Our replies should add value to the existing problem and give right solution.



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