Girlfriend extracting money on promise of marriage


My marriage ended in divorce after 6 years with the Hon'ble court granting divorce u/s 13B with no claims of monetary compensation from either side. My wife is taking care of our child and will continue to take care till 18 years of age.

A year later I met this girl and started seeing each other every weekend. Now we are very good friends and are seeing each other and chatting regularly. I expressed my love for her and wish to marry her if she also loves me. I also proposed to her formally and gave her an engagement ring. She asked me to wait a year or two until her older sister gets married and she acheives her career goals which I agreed. She has asked me financial help few times and I have given her. First it was to repay someone who paid for her father's hospital expenses which I gave without hesitation. Later I have paid for her two-wheeler loan installment or cash from time to time. She has  always taken money in cash and there is no evidence of money transactions. We go out in my car and eat outside sometimes and other times we chat.

As our relationship is based on mutual liking and trust I dont have any complaints so far. I know her and she respects me and I want it to remain a good relationship forever. Now she is asking for bigger amount in loan which I know she will never repay and ask me to pay for.

Henceforth I want to keep record of money lent to her. Later if she decides to marry someone else then all the money given to her in good faith should not go waste. As of now I have not asked her to repay my money but henceforth she must pay back my money because she is asking for a loan which basically means she does not intend to keep her promise of marriage.

I seek your legal advice in this matter.


My girlfriend knows about my divorce and my wife knows I am meeting this girl. My wife simply suggested '.. if she is good then marry her .. if she is after your money leave her'.


You can't recover your money against her wish.     Any record you maintain will simply be rubbish.

Woman is not punished for breaking promise.     Should, of course, not be.     Man is punished for breaking promise.    Should, again of course, not be.

Breaking a promise shouldn't be an offence.    And is not, I think.     But why is a boy punished?       What punishment?      Marriage.       Is marriage a punishment? 


At that time my lawyer had advised me to sign an agreement of sponsorship with her specifying the terms and tenure of repayment and get it registered in the sub-registrar's office. I did not go into any agreement as I reasoned it would be futile making her pay me back my money anyways. I do not want pay more money now. I have been advised to simply ignore her calls and avoid her.


Your lawyer advised you well.


I express my gratitude to all who responded to my query.

Your valuable advice received within a short time is highly appreciated.

Dy Director

Given facts compell me to diagree with your lawyer.


She is not at all going to sign any such instrument.


You should better forget about that money.  You are in any case not getting it back even after coming out of Jail. [yes take action to recover the money and you can see no of IPC sections against you]

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Dy Director

you said

"Later if she decides to marry someone else then all the money given to her in good faith should not go waste"


You may like it or not but the truth is that this money has gone waste.


Sooner you acccept this [without losing more money on litigation/bail/ bribes/ extortion money to goons in jail (which they will claim for not bearing you) and without dent on career]  better it may be.


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