Forceful 3 month notice period and not providing appraisal

Dear sir

My Company name is DesignTech system private limited its headquarters is in pune and several branches across India and i am presently working in Andhra Pradesh on company project as a Jr Engineer( Design enginer), it has more than 20 employees around 2000 people working in this company at different locations in India. My joining date in the company is 15-march-2016 i worked for almost two and half years and my monthly salary is 15k after deduction i get 14k . The problems which I’m facing are

  1. They are not reliving me in one month. Before i joining in this company i signed 2 years bond which is completed now and in hat they mentioned one month notice period later they changed to three months’ notice period and they made us to sign on documents linked with appraisal document in which 3 months notices period also included (I felt like it is an appraisal blackmail) on June 2017 generally this company gives appraisal in June. i have uploded related documetn, please find the attacment 
  2. In 2018 they didn’t provided appraisal till October which i have to get on April but i resigned job on September because of this issue now they asking me to serve compulsory three months’ notice period with the same salary and not providing me the appraisal. Company HR is not ready to talk on this she is not even answering my call or reply to mails. “Appraisal was my right which I have to get i did hard work in the projects in last year.
  3. One more thing i have to tell you first HR accepted my request or reliving me in one month but after 20 minute she changed her mind and told me to server three months’ notice period. I have recorded her call. i don’t want to work here more because i have selected in one company which is expecting me to join in a month if not i may lose the job
  4. In three months’ notice period first month they didn’t given the salary to me other two moths they said they will give and they will settle that first month notice period salary in last.
  5. My company is in pune but i work in Andhra Pradesh in Tirupati on project as per Minimum wages act 2018 what will be my minimum wages? Who is eligible under Shop and Establishment Act? I have a M.Tech degree in mechanical background and overall i have more than 4 years’ experience under which category i will come?  

Please suggest me what kind of action i can take against company to relive me soon from this company and how i can get my appraisal amount for the months which i have worked.

Waiting for your suggestions thanking you in advance.

Attached File : 454863 20181011110908 e syed amjad appraisal.pdf downloaded 80 times

Now you are under the clutches of your company  and any move agaisnt might hamper your service.Politely speak about your selction and get relieved smoothly.


Dear Sir is there any option with which i can get my reliving soon. if i dont join in the newly seleted company as soon as posible i may loose the job which is my best opportunity.

can i ask my company to provide my apprilsal which they didn't given to any employee till now ?




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