Family converting to muslim

Dear sirs,

I have a friend whose whole family is ready to accept Muslim faith. Family has a Husband (age:41), wife (38), two sons (11 & 16), one daughter (13), father (65), and mother (61). All are willing themselves; no force.

I want to ask what is the procedure for the whole family to embrace Islam?

Also, the sons and daughters are minors. Do law allows legals also conver their religion?

Also, if the minors convers their religion, their marriages will be done according to Islam law or some other law?

Thankyou in advance.

Damodara das


Are you into some business of conversion? Is your assumed friend an illiterate or idiot, who cannot contact some illiterate Mulla to convert him and his entire family to Islam and go to jail in forcing it on the minors too? Why you are seeking advice on behalf of your friend?

Dear sir,

Thankyou for your rebuttal.

As you can figure out from my name, I am in no conversion business.

However, I want neutral replies in order to understand the situation properly according to law. When we understand what worse possible consequencies we will need to face then we can be ready to face them. Thus, in this case, I wanted to save my friend. However, I am not just thinking of my friend but many more probable cases like him who willingly want to convert and are not intelligent enough to see the whole matter but are swayed by emotions.

Hope, you will understand. We should be neutral in trying to understand the situation.




Oh, what a surprising view. If you are interested in a Hindu family, who because of some problem wishes to convert to Islam, then it is neutrality. But, if I am giving you legal sermon that it is a crime to convert a minor into another religion, then it is partisan. I can easily guess that not only your friend, but even you also are from the Dalit community and the proof available is your last name. So why to abandon your religion of birth, just because certain upper caste Hindus abhor you. Why not to bring changes first among yourself and then in the Samaj. Can we all not become Vidya Sagar and Aurobindo Ghosh?


I understood what you say.

Converting minor is illegal; that information is sufficient for me. This is very good. This means one cannot legally fill any form or affidavit to change religion if one is minor, correct?

It will be good if anyone can provide some reference for this law -- minor cannot change his/her religion.


And you fool still say that it is not you, but your friend, his entire family including his three minor siblings and his parents are so influenced by Islam religion, that they have decided to convert to it. And that idiot is demanding the case law for his friend to confirm that minor cannot convert his/her religion.



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