Due to political support nebhiour stopped our construction

Respected sir/madam, I would like to ask suggestion for civil issue.I am btech student perusing final year. We have started construction of new house. Before started construction(have cavit as well) we collapsed old house along with common wall(as it is very old and ready to fall down).But we are ready to reconstruct same along with our construction if proveed. In mean while next to my home who is share holder that common wall is creating issue like 'in his registation paper he didnt mentioned wall it self but common space is there and same has been already occipied by him befor he bought the house".My registration is happened first on 2002 and his registration is on 2007 approximately. and i have 1935 year link documents with me (as per that whole wall belongs to us). As per my knowledge they dont have any link documents((may be 1932 they have but  after that 1935 that owner singed on some docments which is favour to us with me)but he have politician& police support as he is a big person. now they filed compliant on us like we have collapsed the wall. we have already infromed to the tenet orally that as it is ready to fall so we are collapsing it(owner will be not available in my home town) . Now police is creating issue and he& police called to my house contractor and scolded,ordered to stop construction. Now past one month our house construction has been stopped due to SI /police support. On an additional my father (age 62) and mother (50+) went to police station to complaint about him as he creating newsence. But SI/Writer took sign on white paper and they are trying to convert civil to criminal case by mention this paper as bindover. Now Recently one of media person helping us.MLA called to that tv channel MD and through MD/higher official he warned that reporter. issue 1: if we construct wall they are written some other extra place after that wall in there registration documents they are ready to claim for that illegally. issue 2:our raw material around 50K has been spoiled due to his ego. issue 3: How can we stop police intervention on this. What we have done till now? point 1: point 1: we have cavit to distory old home and reconstruction (notice went to his home trice but not responded) point 2: we have filed complaint on iclik(online complaint process for police station about white paper sign). Point 3: We have sent courier complints to SP& CI office about he is creating newsence. Point 4.today we applied for injection order. hope soon we will get the help on that. Not even one of above is help ful. Please guide us. We will be thank ful for ever . Regards, Teja


U can file writ application in Honerable High court for it.




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