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hi experts,

I am in one mobile website for getting new good friends but there some fools creating fake id of my friend's name name and posting very bad with dirty pictures in common chat room about her.i told that we can compliant in cyber crime but she refused.i want to proceed with cyber crime but she should come report to court/police station in feature?the compliant ll be kept secret?is any difficulties there?can i complaint for abusing in common chat room with proper evidence behalf of my friend??please help me thanks in advance



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1. Send following to below two Email ID's your complain will be taken care by TN Police, Cyber Crime Cell (but do follow it up with RTI);

[Note - if you not from TN then do let me know I will give you alternate email ID but do mention State where incidence is taking place]

You may need to provide the following possible information, along with an application letter addressing the head of cyber crime investigation cell when filing a complaint (he is of ACP rank in TN State note that - also insist for in-camera investigation to protect identity of your female friend who is under scanner by alleged incidence of cyber crime):

- Your name,
- Your mailing address,
- Your telephone number,
- Specific details on how the offence was committed, along with the names and addresses of suspects and any other relevant information necessary.

~ E-mail printouts, 
~ Chat-room or newsgroup text or screenshots if taken by you,
~ Email printouts should contain full email header information,
~ Printed or preferably electronic copies of web pages

Keep the necessary information in a safe location; you will be required to provide them for investigation as and when required. Proof or documents which will be part of the application are not restricted to the above list, additional information may be required depending on the nature of crime.

2. Cyber crime email ID's for Tamil Nadu State


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Hi Tajobsindia,

Thanks a ton!!!! thanks a lot for your more valuable reply.

i will proceed as per your instructions.

once again thanks


Hi Tajobsindia,

I have one doubt..could you please tell what is  the meaning of "in-camera investigation to protect identity of your female friend" as per your post.

she should give her appearance to police station and give statement?

should she come to court while processing of case?

please advise.

Thanks in advance.

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re.: in-camera
You yourself said in your first brief that she should not be exposed to public so I said request for in-camera proceedings so that her physicals are not exposed to public in open Courts and or before concerned Authorities whom I asked you to approach. It is perfectly legal to make such requests. Offcourse she can always give her deposition whenever / wherever so required.
First let the ball roll by following basic advise already placed before you.



Thanks a lot again Tajobsindia!!!

actually she belongs to north-east india,however can i proceed from here(TN) itself?

Hope no need of she come here..

Thanks a lot again..i am going to revenge that mad by legal who abused my sister i mean my friend.





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