customer liability for misuse of credit card number by fraud

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Dear sir

My credit card number was debited by 180$ on early morning of 24th august by some fraudsters online  through a store in Florida USA. I got sms form credit card bankl and imemdiately informed and got card blocked and also new card issued . An attmept was made three other plaves also but foiled due to wrong CVV,.Then hiow this one went through


Any way I infomed bank within hours also sent them online complaint through account features and also informed vendor in USA that a trabnsaction of this much amount  on my card no so and so is fraudlent and not to deliver anythibng and reverse charges . 

What is lioablity of customer in such case ? I have neither any negligence notr I am involved neither dealth with this vendor in past anythimw who is overseas.

I guess GOI/RBI have issued some rules for all banks /credit card comlanies 

what is my laiblity if any and what more action can be or should be taken by me 

ofcourse bank has put this in dispute category and will credit amount again provissionally. but I am not satisfied 

That way anyone having any credit card number can defraud any body . The bank has insecure systems specially use abroad. For india they started OTP IPIN system as second laywer security

So at end my query is what is my liablity if any as I have done everthing withn 24 hrs which i could 

Is customer requiored to file FIR or is it bank that has to do . The bank is citibank  indian arm.



Kindly write to the Issuing Bank about the fraudulent charges. These charges will be reversed by the Bank and you will incur no losses. You need not worry unnecessarily. Credit Cards protect their customers (you) and their fraud detection systems will ensure that the charges will be reversed.

Now, US lags behind the worldwide move to adopt Chip-based CC systems and two-tier authentication with pin (verified by visa / master card secure) systems. This is by design to allow proprietary payment systems to work. 

TO your question: You have no liability if you had reported the false charges in time. You don't have to file an FIR now, untill the ball is in the Bank's court. You can escalate the matter to the Banking Ombudsman after exhausting the options with the Bank. 


Management Consultant & Social Reformer

Great .Yes i also delt usa lerhargic even such big company chsins like michael kors .i store to them with in 5 hee but they never reoplief



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