a complete details of bail---regular or anticipatory with citations of sc judgements--because every married man should know about it

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Article 21 of Indian Constitution guarantees that life and liberty of a person can not be taken except in accordance with procedure established by law. Since arrest is one of the procedure of law to restrict the liberty of a person, bail is balancing procedure of law to protect the interest of person so arrested or apprehending arrest. The term 'bail' has not been statutorily defined either in Cr.P.C or in any other statute. 

Conceptually it is understood as a right for assertion of freedom against state imposing restraints since the UN Declaration of human rights of 1948, to which India is signatory, the concept of bail has found a place within the scope of human rights. The dictionary meaning of the expression 'bail' denotes a security for appearance of a prisoner for his release...
For complete details of Bail and it's procedure with exceptional circumstances with citations and judgements,Below is the Link:

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Social activist and ESIS Legal Consultant (everysufferer isasaviour@gmail.com)

Bail is your Right --------and------ 498A is your Fight


Don't Loose hope you are not the one who is suffering from bad law,there are millions of husbands and families who had suffered due to this draconian law.


Once you got AB or Bail you have won your Half battle,remaining battle is only by default because our slow Indian judiciary will not make her win nor make you defeat.

It's only an Indian court drama which will last for 2-3 years and lastly goes for settlement outside the court.

Hence, these settlements are only a bargaining which is just like purchasing a bag full of vegetables from near market after so many bargains.The Husband who holds his nerves till the last moment and never bow down against such exorbitant price is the winner indeed against these false cases.

So, Take the Bail and Fight the cases with a cheerful intention in your heart that you are on the way of freedom which will be soon conquered by you...




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Social activist and ESIS Legal Consultant (everysufferer isasaviour@gmail.com)

For complete details about Anticipatory Bail with landmark judgements, Read the following article.

Click the below,

It's all about Anticipatory Bail..!!




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