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ganesh kumar (manager)     02 May 2012

498a false dowry harassment


I am Ganesh from Andhra Pradesh. From the past one year, my relationship with my wife got strained. Now, I have been stuck in a FALSE dowry harrassment case under section 498A & 506 filed against me by my wife last week. She included myself & my parents also in the FIR.  She claimed in the FIR  that we took 25 Lakhs as DOWRY.  But, we didn't take a single penny as DOWRY from their side. So, Can someone clarify me the following doubts:

1. When I searched about IPC 498A section, I have read some articles saying that the accused cannot be arrested under this section as this section is being misused by many people now a days for retaliation even for petty reasons and the police have to do preliminary investigation and should take DSP permission to arrest the accused. How far it is true? 
Is it really necessary to get an Anticipatory Bail for all our family members?
2. Recently I heard in one such case, the Supreme court of India  gave a verdict punishing the one who lodged a complaint under 498A for making false dowry claims in the FIR. Can someone give us more information about that case so that it will be really helpful for me to request a similar thing here also.
Any suggestions from the forum are welcome.


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sridhar pasumarthy (ADVOCATE)     02 May 2012

Dear Ganesh,

1. Prior permission of DSP is not required.  You had better move an anticipatory bail for all of you.

2.search on   indiankannon.org

kranthi kiran (Works In Judicial Department)     02 May 2012

It is better, you along with your parent apply for anticipatory bail before the concerend Sessions Court or High Court of AP . In general courts grant anticipatory bail to parents/relatives of the husband. Unless the husband shows, reasoanble grounds ANTICIPATORY, bail may not granted to him by the Court. Consult a expert criminal advocate and file anticipatory bail petition. At the intial stage court's cannot go into the merits to decide whether the complaint is false/vexatious.


Kranthi Kiran,Judl. Dept, B.SC, LL.B, PGD-MISCA, Ph:9490127914

cm jain sir (ccc)     02 May 2012

pls check ur pm dear. Dont worry we all r in the same boat!!

Ajax (NA)     03 May 2012

As per my knowledge, in Andhra Pradesh, unless there is approval from DCP arrests cannot be made. But the cops ignore this as most people are unaware of this rule and are unfortunately exploited. Also, better you find a good advocate who can strongly present your case and obtain anticip bail immediately. Unless there is some documented or tangible evidence that goes against you, bail should be granted.

Deep Narayan (learning)     04 May 2012

yes its true police generally arrests the person as the many of them didnot know law. my brother was also arrested by police after my sister-in-law had lodged a false case of dowry at the local police station. dnt wry jst apply of anticipatory bail for ur family memebers and aslo for urself showing valid grounds. bst of luck take care

ganesh kumar (manager)     04 May 2012

Thanks for the replies folks. Apparently, our Anticipatory Bail petition got rejected on the grounds that the case is still under Investigation and they could not find any tangible evidence to prove that it's a false 498A case. Still, no arrest happened for any of us.

So, What should be my next step? Can I apply for Quashing 498A in the High Court of A.P without any Anticipatory Bail. 



you apply for AB in High court, now since their is Vacation time, the high court functions 2 days a week, else you have to file after june 5th .

regarding the Quashing of the FIR, you can think after u get the AB , also go through the FIR complaint copy, make a  list of all the allegiations she has made against u and u r family members, absed on the sevierity of the allegiations you can take a call for going for Quash.

you can contact me on 9663743468 for any more clarifications, as even i am fighting my 498a in AP

ganesh kumar (manager)     20 May 2012

Hi Folks,

As per the advise given in this forum & from our laywers, we applied for AB in the high court of AP two weeks back  and we got the AB only for my parents and not for me as I am the husband. Can someone tell me what should I do next from my side? Shall I apply for AB for myself or shall I surrender to the police now?


Ajax (NA)     20 May 2012


Avoid being arrested as far as possible. Try to make yourself untraceable for sometime until greater clarity comes out. Do hire a very good criminal lawyer. Also, on what basis did the HC reject your bail plea? Was there glaring evidence against you? You should have got bail in HC unless there is tangible evidence to give rise to the court to doubt your appeal.

Take care, be alert, do not lose heart and all the very best!

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     23 May 2012

Did you put an AB application for yourself?


If it is rejected, you have to either move SC or surrender in the trial court.


AB in SC is again something which is rare, now SC is sending back to trial court with the directions to decide the bail on the same date.


Shonee Kapoor
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ganesh kumar (manager)     16 June 2012

Hi Shoney sir,

So far, I didn't apply for any AB anywhere but we reached a compromise with my wife and their family as my parents are too old and cannot tolerate this mental tension. Finally, she agreed to apply for a mutual divorce after paying her 15L. As case has been registered long time back against me and my parents. Now, how should I proceed?

Our lawyers are saying that they will file a mutual divorce papers stating all the settlement details(money details) in the high court of AP and will get bail for me. 

Also, where should I file mutual divorce papers now? Our family is in Bangalore and the case has been filed in her hometown. As we settled the matter, I am asking her to withdraw the case. Is it not possible?

Only FIR has been registerd so far and no chargesheet has been presented by the police to the court yet.

Can you suggest which way to go now?




P.S: Any suggestions from others also are welcome.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     20 August 2012

take bail first.

ganesh kumar (manager)     09 October 2012

Hi All,

AB has been rejected for me in the high court of AP for the second time.  We had an agreement in the MCD that 498A case will be withdrawn only after the divorce is obtained. In his judgement, the judge rejected the AB for A1 and suggested both the parties to approach the police first instead of applying AB .

So, I am not sure what to do now? Can we apply AB again in HC of AP stating that we are not asking for "QUASHING" the 498A but for "AB" with necessary documents from the police this time.




Harpal (Engg)     29 March 2013


i have been stuck in a FALSE dowry harrassment case under section 498A & 506 filed against me by my wife last week. She included myself & my parents my sister also in the FIR.  She claimed in the FIR  that we took 15 Lakhs as DOWRY.  But, we didn't take a single penny as DOWRY from their side. So, Can someone clarify me the following doubts:

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