Dear Sir,


Myself gopi and my wife got married since 2 years. she used to often go ther mons house and never stayed with me continuously. but in this two years, she has been hardly with me for maximum 100 days.

if i ask her to be with me., she used to threaten me that ladies has power. at first i didnt have any idea behind her thoughts. later before 3 months the same thing happend and this time i strictly told her not to run to her mothers house often. for that she fought very harshly with me and threatened with some goondas the very next day.


then we filed a complaint against her. then she assaulted me with 4 6 unknown guys and filed a dowry harrasment case against me. they assaulted me oin the day of enquiry. then i filed a divorce notice to her. now she is asking for compromise. our lawyer is asking me to accept this. but i am totally confused


i dont want to be with her after having assaulted me. she would be always a threaten for me . pls help me and give the correct advise

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Whether you should live with this woman is completely your call, we cannot comment on the same. Your lawyer has no business asking you to stay with an abusive wife. I must advise you that since your wife has already made a dowry complaint, and provided you get Notice/ANticipatory Bail, the worst is already over. Don't bog down if you don't want to, or if you've had enough of it lately. Put your foot down. 

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Thanks for your reply sir.

and for your information i have taken anticipatory bail and the divorce notice has been sent to her through court.

After that, the inspector is threatening that i should live with her than only the other party will withdraw the dowry case else all my famil members including my Parents, sister, in laws will be in trouble.

For this my lawyer advised me to act as if i am in for a compromise, so that they will withdraw the case and then after a period of 8 months we can apply for a divorce.

I dont know how far it is true. Actually i dont want to be with her nor i want my Parents to be in trouble.

Pls help. I am not aware whether my lawyer is guiding me properly or not. Pls helpppp


Ur lawyer is wrongly guiding u. As u have AB in hand, nothing to worry. Fight the cases on merit. No point living with such a lady who calls GOONDAS to beat u up. Believe me u will be nicely screwed once she gets into ur life again.............this time she wil make it sure that u are not left with AB option;(

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Thank you Sir.


But pls advise me what i am supposed to do in this situation and how to get divorce from her.




Dont worry...Be bold and say i dont want to live with her (if you wish so)...Come what may be..i am ready for all consequences..


Your wife seems to be control freak, she would do all pressure tac tics to bog you down whenever you raise a voice..If you are okay with this kind of behavior then go ahead and do compromise.

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These are only presurre tactics. 


Rajan Bhasin



Have patience. You need a lots of it.




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