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We know law is an ass but can avoid it either. Abhiseks, Jaitleys, Kapils  without their black robes inside the parliament made a mincemeat of Article 252, 253 and Schedule 1 , 2 , A to Z by merrily interpreting the provision to satisfy their own big ego. Inside the court of law they will sing a different sone. But fact of the matter is all national regional notional irrational independent inter-dependent political parties left the LOKPAL bill debate in the LOK Sabha as well in the Rajya Sabha to the mercy of the learned senior, old but not considered senior Lawyers of Repute or Dispute to debate each provision of the Bill already passed in the Lok Sabha.And then they came up with another 187 amendments.Team Anna and Teams not-so-Ananya are also infested with the senior  lawyers who have their own interpretation.This will whether make the makers of the constitution of India is a diffrent point. What is true that coming session of Loksabha even if they take up the amendment one by one may need another two years at a stretch to complete argument for and against them . Are we ready to accept fourth rated Indian media especially the electronics media breaking our heads 24x7 for the next two years.Yes I hear a resounding NO from all of you telepathically.

This forum is of the lawyers, by the lawyers and for the lawyers with some exceptions like me. Is it possible that our experts are called upon to do the honouable duty to comment on each one of the 187 Amandments one by one and complete the discussion /debates etc etc latest by 5 of March? We will then circulate our vision tothose learned politically motivated senior lawyers and not so senior lawyers including the civil society represented by Team Anna and Ananyas( serving as well retired settled/hurt Judges of the Supreme , High&low Judges) to make their own interpretation and then coming to the conclusion that nothing could be done collectively.






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