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Queries Replied : 126

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I am a honest, dedicated and hard working advocate practicing in Civil/ Criminal and Consumer Courts in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. You may reach me at 9810149141 for any assistance in these Courts and be assured of good service.

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I can answer questions related to matrimonial disputes, criminal matters, RTI Act and property related issues. I can't answer Company Law, Custom and Excise, International Taxation etc.

    My area of expertise
    Matrimonial Matters, Criminal Matters specially related to matrimony, RTI Act

    My experience in the area (years):
    3 yers

    Organizations I belong to:
    Deepanshu College of Law

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    Internet websites

    Educational credentials:

    Award & Honors:
    Topper of my college graduation.

  • Raj Kumar Makkad says : Boycott
    Dear Sir! The aim of Admin seems to tarnish the image of the experts which is reflected from his saying to tom that 'it is childlike that some experts are not replying the queries'. Admin has no care or thankfulness for experts so what is the use to devote our energy and expertise for such person? He is earning only on the basis of our activities but still he is engaged in the activities of destruction of the image and dignity of experts. Do you like this?

  • aashhokaan says : need help
    sir/mam, i hav one doubt regarding divorc case. if any valid ground is not avail d divorc cas means the judgement wil fall on wich side. if supos fall in my wif side means can i apeal further. becz my wif said whn i ask mutual cnsent you didmmt give tat so i hav fac many pbms in that tats y nw i hat u nd cant liv wit u.. similarly her parent oposing marg .. pleas expetrs respns my lif nd i need my wif. i can compromis my wif bt nw i m nt havng any cntact . is counseling good for us.. if good means hw can i procd further.. waiting 4 ur rerpnses thanks in advanc ggmmgidfq

  • JITENDRA RAMBHIA says : pls guide
    Dear sir , I stay in mumbai in pagadi system bldg from 1977 on rent .Land owner has 4 son and 1 son was nt interested in property and taken his part long before. after death of three brother , son of three brother sold property to builder in 2006 and after that 1 son who has taken his part long berfore filed a case for right in property . As an tenent we paid rent to landlord and after 2006 we are paying rent to builder . we has recd letter from landlord son stateing we have sold property to builder and futher all rent he will be collected . we have paid rent all by cheque and from april 2010 he is nt collected rent and called him several time and gone to his office to meet him but he is nt ready to meet and talk on any problem or recive rent . Sir kindly let me know what should i do ? will any problem can create to me due to there internal fight as an tenant in pagadi ? what right i have ? If building goes for redevelopment what right i should i get (area + corpus fund + rent etc) . Kindly guide me and clear all douts . Expecting your true and early reply Thanking you,

  • shailesh says : Please Help
    1. Mr X purchased a land in 1952 in Delhi.Mr. X is have 2 sons and 2 Daughters I.e. Elder Son A Younger Son B Elder Daughter A Younger Daughter B 2. Before 1965 Mr X was living with Younger Son B. 3. In 1965, Elder Son A came to Delhi because he was suffering from Cancer. He was having 2 Legal Heirs i.e. Elder Daughter AD and Elder Son AS. Elder Son A Started Living in the 1/3 of the Property 4. In 1967, Mr. X done a Registered Will in the Name of his Wife Mrs Y. in WILL, he stated that after my death the whole property will belong to her and if she wants she can give the Property to Legal Heirs 5. In 1968, Elder Son A died as he as suffering from Cancer and Mrs Y(Wife of Mr X and) died. 6. In 1969, Mr. X done a another Registered Will invoking the Previous WILL which States that A. Whole Property Owner is Younger Son B B. Legal Heirs and Wife of late Elder Son A will be living as License in 1/3 of Possession and Can be Evicted anytime by younger Son B. Younger Son B was treated as Licensor and Owner in WILL 7. In 1971, Mr. X died. Legal Heirs of Elder Son A i.e. Mr AD has taken the possession(Started Living) in 1/2 of the property. Then There was Oral Family Settlement that Property is divided into Equal Part between Mr. AD and Mr. X . No Written Document was made. 8. In 1977, Elder Daughter A and Younger Daughter B(Other 2 Legal Heirs of Mr X) done a Registered Relinquishment Deed in the name of Mr AD and Younger Son B giving there Whole Ownership Equally To Them. 9. Younger Son B is having 4 Legal Heirs (Elder Daughter BD1, Elder Daughter BD2 , Elder Son BS1, Elder Son BS2) 10. In 1994, Younger Son B died. 11. In 1997, Legal Heirs and Wife of Younger Son B has done there Own Relinquishment Deed giving the property half/half to Elder Son BS1, Elder Son BS2 and also stated that they are having the possession of the Property. But they are actually having possession of half of the Property 12. Mr. AD has done the Mutation of Half Property in his name since 1998 and paying the Electricity, Property Bills from Many Years. 13. Also Mr. AD has Revamped(Re-Structure) the home in his Half around 2002. Can anybody tell me being a legal Heir of Younger Son B how I can get a title of whole property i.e. including the share of Mr AD and how I can evict Mr AD and his family.

  • kiran rathee says : marital dispute
    the husband was a mechanical engineer in HONDA COMPANY.. and the girl is M.SC maths but she used to live at home. the girl child was born in sept 2006 out of this wedlock.. the nature of wife was not good as she always had some problem with others.. she even used to fight with her husband on small issues. eg i'll not prepare food or always order from outside, never gave breakfast to her husband after having three maids.. but the husband always had a compromising nature and never said anything to her.. he just wanted to live happily with her at any cost.. but she always used to fight on petty issues.. she even don't like his parents and other members of the family.. she just wanted to live alone.. she was not happy to see anyone from her husband's family. the husband's family never interfered in their matter and were not aware of the issues between their son and daughter-in-law .. the disputes heightened b/w husband and wife and finally the husband left his job in 2008 and started living at home and the wife left her matrimonial home and went to their parental home.. the boy's parents came to know about their fight but they managed to bring them home in bhiwani and asked them to live peacefully.. but again after few days she started fighting with her husband and now also with in-laws without any reasons but the boy's parents never said anything as all members of the the family are highly educated and reputed too.. but she was not ready to live with them and again left her in-laws home in april 2010 and filed a case under domestic violence Act,2005.. the in-laws even don't know that on what basis she filed the above said case. they went to girl's home and asked to live happy with her husband wherever she likes but she refused.. the husband tried alot to solve his marital dispute but still she is not agreeing to live with him.. she is asking for property out of her in-laws property and want to live alone in that house without her husband but now after filing a false case against all of them, the in-laws are not ready to take her back home .. but the lady want to live there only on the first floor of that house without her husband.. the wife, at present is lecturer of mathematics in college and she get this job because of her father-in-law as he is the head of that college, he also helped her in studies of M.PHIL but she can never understand the value of family and family relations.. her parents never said anything to her even on her mistake and used to abuse boy's family.. now the husband also don't want to live with that lady and want to take divorce from her.. as he don't want to let suffer his parents anymore because of that lady.. please tell me what are the remedies available to us..what we have to do? how can i help my aunty, uncle..?? thank you.

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