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The reason we have made law--is because loving is difficult

My Confession ------I  did make many wrongs, I  made many mistakes in myt life, and I  have lost many happiness, many good things, I have hurt many who loved me, I  sometimes do not give all credits to God when I  believe it is really so, I  am a man, and a man first,I have found love is difficult the toughest thing thing in the universe, we very easily say it so many times.. that is the reason we have made law-- because loving is difficult--- then an Advocate. I trust  law for man and not man for law, society for man and not man for society. My  life always will miss whom I lost by my own wrong and whom god took from me , I am  still in search for some one I dont know where  I shall  find--------- and say  I am now  accomplished, I am now this and this and I never forgotten and I  confess before your justice ---it is yet all above all law that you never  tell me a rude word when I told you many- I am sorry.

I am an advocate. Single.35 years of age. I was a prosecuting officer in Assam for a few years. I resigned. Now I am at my home land where my ancestral home is. But I passed my 31 years from birth in Assam with my Parents. I am a man with no good stars. I cannot compromise with what I feel defeat of my rather all advocates' professional tenor. I am not prototype of hanged faced (excuse me I mean actually the little portion) men in black and white and I am very keen to take my own approach and views of law and facts in my cases, least  depend upon any other from the begining. It is my unfortunate side of my life that very few could continue to teach me manything-I dont know; in fact I always do with one according to lectures I received from him! I am really a bad man, you will think twice and must think twice whether you should find any good quality in me. My clients are very good, they often switch over to others when I clearly show them there is notinhg to be so sereious that you cannot sleep at night, or that you have to give it ultimately to O.P. Actually everyone believes what majority does - but I cannot do so. Its my  compliment I give myself. I am presently involved in the mechanical aspect of lower judiciary in the matter of Bail, and laugh at the customs made so frantically -   there is nothing but merit in law and cases I heard some day- I find now there is nothing but magistrate in law and cases, and the reality of advocates really fused me to to join community and say do some thing please . We advocates are not yet privileged enough and the the advocate term is a word so big to boast but too small believe that we are something what we show. I am willing to open a new community for grievances of advocates,individuals or group of similarly situated individuals or equivalent and other persons involved with lawyers for their profession. this is only involving Bar Association, Individual Advocates, Group of Advocates,as they are aggrieved against  interactive departments of states, insult,discrimination, etc. and anarchy of bar executives sometimes, help less juniors, and many internal problems. My objective is to collect such data, and sorting them to see whether Advocates Act  provides solutions, whether these are negligible, what was not apprehended what is expected what is happening and what we must do approach to the legislature, Bar Council, High Courts and Supreme Courts for removing such unforseen vices.  Please feel free to ask if you cannot understand the objective of this community and how can you contribute, thank you.

Joy Hind.                                                                                                                                                    Arghya

    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    Question on statutory compliance,doubts or quires before filing suits or transactions; about available remedies,on conflicting issues,procedural matter.

    My area of expertise
    Civil & Criminal Practice and Procedure,Family Law,Documentation and Real Estate Consultancy

    My experience in the area (years):
    more than 7 years. Held Office of APP, Govt Of Assam from 2005 to 2007,recorded contested conviction in 16 cases within first 3 months of service. Voluntary resignation.

    Organizations I belong to:
    Practising Advocate, Developing own organization Lex India International under process.

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    News Paper Articles

    Educational credentials:
    1.10th Standard/Matriculation 1st Div with letter marks 2.12th Science 1st Div, 3.B.A.Major 4.LL.B.(28 papers. Final yrs Project and Thesis on-- Indian Judiciary: Its purpose, concepts and reality

    Award & Honors:
    National Scholarship awarded throughout the period of 1990 to 1994.

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