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Kamal Grover's Expert Profile

Queries Replied : 76

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    I can answer any type of criminal related query, matrimonial disputes,constitutional matters, Admission matters, service matters and land disputes or any other matter.

    My area of expertise
    criminal, matrimonial, land disputes and constitutional

    My experience in the area (years):
    More than 7 Years in Punjab and Haryana High Court and other courts based at chandigarh.

    Organizations I belong to:

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    Don't Know

    Educational credentials:
    B.A.LLB from Panjab University, Chandigarh.

    Award & Honors:
    National Champion in Yoga.

  • Ajay Chauhan says : Marriage related issue
    Respected sir My self Ajay i married a girl in may 2015 at that time me and my wife both were 20 years old it was a love marriage and was done in mandir with the help of my friends but as it was a small temple so no certificate can be issued but i have the pictures with date printed on them...now i need the backdated marriage certificate so can i get it

  • Raj Kumar Makkad says : Boycott
    Dear Sir! The aim of Admin seems to tarnish the image of the experts which is reflected from his saying to tom that 'it is childlike that some experts are not replying the queries'. Admin has no care or thankfulness for experts so what is the use to devote our energy and expertise for such person? He is earning only on the basis of our activities but still he is engaged in the activities of destruction of the image and dignity of experts. Do you like this?

  • vicky kumar says : AP for 498a
    sir my family member got AB bail for 6 month from 22-february to 22 august after agreement bond b/w my father(on behalf of my brother,sister&mother)and my wife .she declared before the court that she will live with husband wherever he lives and not with parent-in-law.on the basis of this statement my family member got anticipatory bail.i have also got AB,but couldn't sign it due to continuous absence of my wife in the court.now when we appeared before court for continuation of AP bail on 23 august then it was not continued due to absence of appellant.my wife came with me but she fled to her sister home.she intentionally did not appeared in the court and she has threaten that she will make every effort to cancel our Anticipatory bail.she is demanding huge amount of money.next date in court is 18 September.i have two younger brother,one working in Hyderabad for past 8 year and one brother studying in Delhi for past 5 year.i am resident of Bihar and working in Maharashtra.my brother rarely visited home during my stay at home.even one of my brother was not present in my wedding ceremony,which took place in 2004.we are harassed in appearing in court since me and my family resides far away from my wife home. what should i do now to continue AP. can my brother get AP from their residing place and file complent against false 498a case.

  • Sushant Dash says : suggest me what i have to do
    Dear sir I am into the business of Bulk Messaging and Mobile communication with using the connectivity of the different Indian Telecom Operators.During my said business periods i myself introduced a person, as i came to know that the said person deals in services of “out bound voice broadcast service” called a particular type of voice based broadcasting services with using the connectivity of the different Indian Telecom Operators, as i was in need of services, what the person provides. we had an oral agreement, based on which i paid him 90,000/- rupees as advances and i provided the work order to implement the voice broadcast services on behalf of me on an assurance made by the person that he will provide the same service on behalf of me with using the connectivity of the various Indian Telecom Operator.he commited me for provide the Data-sheet (delivery reports) for the successfull calls of the said voice calls consisting of the Date, Time of call, end of calls, duration of calls, status of calls consisting whether its delivered, undelivered or unreachable, originating number (called CLI) and destination numbers and after 2 days the said person provided the same to me through his e-mail address and inform me that all the voice services are implemented successfully, based on the delivery report as he submited me. when i check these reports, i came to know that the work sheet consisting of the Date of calls, Time of calls, end of calls, duration of calls, status of calls consisting whether its delivered, undelivered or unreachable, originating number (called CLI) and destination numbers submitted by the person to me are all of fictitious numbers in reality they do not exist at all. Base on these fictitious reports i had questioned number of times to the said person through email communication on such the the person had admitted of above mentioned things and sought some time to submit the genuine reports,but so far the person had not submitted the genuine delivery reports nor willing respond my phone calls om any manners. Its a matter of clear cheating that the acts of the above mentioned person makes the charges of breach of trust, cheating, As causing wrongful loss to the complainant and wrongful gain to the accused by way of making of false documents and using of false documents as genuine. what i have to do in this regards, please suggest me, whether can i put a criminal case or what i have to do

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