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Queries Replied : 261

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    What kinds of questions I can and can't answer?
    question pertaining to civil laws including transfer of property, arbitration, injunction, sarfaesi act, banking, dishonour of cheques motor accident claims, title and documents search, contracts, deeds, registration, stamps can be answered

    My area of expertise

    My experience in the area (years):
    14 years

    Organizations I belong to:
    banking, insurance and companies

    Publications or writing which has appeared :
    in process

    Educational credentials:
    Bsc, LLB. have experience to teach law classes

    Award & Honors:

  • Mohibur says : Date Of Birth Dispute
    Sir, My Matter Is Regarding DOB Incorrect in my passport as MY Actual DOB is 15/03/87 and in passport It Stated As 15/03/1989 and my all documents Like My pan,driving,SSC are of 15/03/1987 so what are the procedure should i follow to correct my DOB in my passport as because of it i was not able to apply further for higher Studies As i am student of Engg.

  • gaurav says :
    hello sir, I have an unfortunate situation before me please help grandfather has five sons my father being the eldest. all are engaged in different businesses we have a joint family no formal or informal partition has been done....every male member (my grandfather, father, uncles) have formed HUF and file IT returns for HUF & individual. the family properties are owned jointly as well as individually by different members including me. one of my uncles(A) who does business from a shop owned by my grandfather (he does not have any other income from job etc) he(A) has another shop on his name individually he says this shop is on his individual name n this will not be included in family partition everyone else is against this he(A) will not listen to any elders ,relatives regarding partition he(A) intimidates my grandfather so a will by my grandfather is very rare possibility....... the properties have been purchased from time to time by joint family money based on availability of capital on a members books of account.......other members have properties individually too but agree that all properties are joint family properties regardless of owners name (all properties were purchased by mutual consent) ........... what should me or my father do? please advice…… what’s the maximum ad valorem court fee for partition suit? I have heard it will take 10-15 years n our businesses will be ruined…….please suggest how should we go about it….. i have asked this in the query section n forum as well please help

  • anubha says : stanp duty and registration charges
    dear sir my name is anubha srivastava.i am based in hyderabad.sir i am making a trust deed and will for a person with property worth one and a half crore with no legal heirs.he is a 67 year old man in good health.he wants a trust to be created in his question is how to define trust fund here and how much stamp duty and registration charges have to be paid?is it mandatory to get his will probateafter his death?we want to spend minimum on duties!pls advice

  • Sundar S says : Cheque dishounr
    Sir, Thank you very much for your immediate response and pls. explain - if the party with drawn the money who is liablity? and if the party refused ? On whom we file case (consumer form / civil suit)

  • shankar says : lease dispute
    I having agricultural land and portion of that was given on lease in 1985 for 15 years lease, subject to renew for 5 years subject to condition for commercial use. Now that 5 years also expired in 2005, the lessee is my relative now telling in court that land is purchased by him on my name because he was not farmer at that time and he had helped financially to purchase the land but nothing is evidence only orral. Now he claimed that unleased portion is also in his use from the day of purchase prior to lease agreement. please advice me and I want to see personnal councilling also. SHALI. Mumbai. mobile 9869234017

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