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software licensing

A software license is a contract between an end-user and a software manufacturer relating to ownership, authorised used and software redistribution. A software license clearly defines the liabilities as well as the rights of the parties to the software license agreement. A software license agreement even provides terms and conditions for legitimate use of soft..

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Career Opportunities: Corporate and Financial Law

Corporate law and financial law are subjects that provide enormous opportunities in India. An individual trained in these fields can look forward to a variety of options to satisfy their personal and professional growth. While traditional courses are numerous, now is the time to explore blended learning programs. Jindal Global ..

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Student Notes - IPC - Criminal Trespass

CRIMINAL TRESPASS SEC.441-462 IPC When somebody enters into the property of another person without their permission it is known as a Trespass. And if the intention behind such trespass is criminal, then it’s an offence under Sec.441 of IPC and is called as a Criminal Trespass. REA..

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Essentials of a valid contract under Indian Contract Act 1872

As per section 2(h) of Indian Contract Act, 1872 “an agreement enforceable by law is termed as a contract”. Therefore promise, consideration and essential elements form a contract. For example: A and B are two parties. A wants to sell his microwave to B. So he offers his microw..

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Communications & Information Technology

Communications Sector is major essential infrastructure for socio-economic development in our increasingly knowledge-intensive world. Telecom services have reached to all regions of the country has become an integral part of an innovative and technologically-driven society. India is currently the world’s second-largest telecommunications market with a subscrib..

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Student Notes - IPC - Robbery and Dacoity - Section 390 to 402

Robbery and Dacoity Section 390 to 402 of IPC deals with robbery and dacoity. These sections can be divided into broadly these categories: (1) Robbery, (and) attempt to commit robbery, punishment for robbery (ss390, 392, 393 and 401); (2) Aggravated forms of robbery (ss 392 and 394); (3) Dacoity (ss 391 and 395); (4) Aggravated form ..

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Student Notes - Criminal Intimidation - Indian Penal Code

CRIMINAL INTIMIDATION Under Section 503 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860, the offence of criminal intimidation is defined. This provision states that anybody who, on the following grounds, threatens any other person is guilty of criminal intimidation. Threatens injury to his person..

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Student Notes - IPC - Death by Negligence

I. INTRODUCTION Under Section 304A of the Indian Penal Code, Death by Negligence is defined as – ‘Whoever causes the death of any person by doing any rash or negligent act not amounting to culpable homicide, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with..

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Student Notes - IPC - Defamation

Defamation – Definition And Meaning SECTION 499: Defamation – DeFInition and Meaning According to Section 499 if a person by words either spoken or intended to be read or signs or visual representation, makes or publishes the aforementioned concerning any person with an int..

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Student Notes - IPC - Dowry Death - Important Cases

DOWRY A Dowry (Dahej) is the transfer or a gift of parental property which is made during the lifetime of the grantor (parents) to a daughter at her marriage rather than the inheritance of the property which shall take place on the event of owner’s (parents) death. Precisely, it is a payment of cash or gifts from the br..

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Student Notes - Section 354 IPC

ASSAULT OR CRIMINAL FORCE TO WOMAN WITH INTENT TO OUTRAGE HER MODESTY SECTION 354 IPC Sec.354 IPC states any act of criminal force committed on a woman to outrage her modesty. The term Modesty has been defined nowhere in the Penal Code, but the Supreme Court in the case of Raju Pandura..

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Students Notes - IPC - Theft and Extortion

Theft Section 378 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 defines theft as "Whoever, intending to take dishonestly any moveable property out of the possession of any person without that person's consent, moves that property in order to such taking, is said to commit theft". The prov..

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Commerce and Industry

Ministry of Commerce and Industry headed by an educated and professionally efficient Cabinet rank Minister assisted by two Ministers of State has set up a long-term vision to make India a major player in the world trade and assume a role of leadership in the international trade organizations commensurate with India’s growing importance. p style="text-a..

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Know your Ministry - Coal

Coal is the most important and abundant fossil fuel in India. It accounts for 55% of the country's energy need as the country's industrial heritage was built upon indigenous coal. Reports suggest that the Commercial primary energy consumption has grown in our country by about 700% in the last four decades. Dependence on Coal is going to regularly increase to..

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Student Notes on: Mischief - 425 to 440 of The Indian Penal Code

SECTION 425: MISCHIEF As per the Section 425 of the Indian Penal Code,1860 (hereinafter referred to as IPC) that whenever anyone performs an act either having an intention to cause or is aware that his act is likely to bring, some destruction or damage to any property, destroying or diminishing its value and utility, hence, r..

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