How can law students make this lockdown productive?

The 2019-20 Coronavirus Pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill with lockdowns being imposed in majority of the countries. The fact that the outbreak of COVID-19 will have a significant impact on the global economy including economic slowdown, trade, supply chain disruption, can’t be ignored. Other relevant Industries affected heavily by the lockd..

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Cabinet approves New Education Policy 2020

On 29th July, 2020, the Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi approved the National Education Policy 2020, making way for large scale, transformational reforms in both school and higher education sectors. This change comes after almost three decades. The last policy was introduced in 1986. The Cabinet has renamed the Ministry of Human Resour..

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Human Trafficking in the Era of Globalization

ABSTRACT Since the creation of mankind on Earth, there is a continuous wave of development and advancements. This wave gradually gained pace and turned into a huge concept; named as Globalization. Women and children have been amongst the most affected in this era of globalization, if we consider the massive increase in human ..

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The Indian Evidence Act Law Course

“The eternal law is to teach and to learn everything through examples, instructions and application in practice” Comenius Law is one of the most dynamic subjects in the universe. While theoretical knowledge is of utmost importance, law is oft best learnt outside the textbook. P..

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NCPCR Report on Indian schools

The NCPCR Report highlights the condition of Indian Schools. Article 21(A)- The fundamental right to free and compulsory education, considered as the basic requirement for human growth, but availing this necessity might turn into a nightmare when the children are forced to study under dilapidated r..

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ILS alumni tie-up with Goonj to aid migrants, farmers in Maharashtra amid COVID-19

&quot;As lawyers, we&rsquo;ve got some responsibility to society&quot;, ILS alumni tie-up with Goonj to aid migrants, farmers in Maharashtra amid COVID-19. What you need to know? Alumni from the Indian Law Society (ILS) Law College, Pune</stron..

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Punjab Haryana HC: Seeks RGNUL’s response to student’s plea

Single bench of Justice B S Walia of the Punjab and Haryana high court a notice to the Punjab government and Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law on a petition challenging the varsity&rsquo;s decision not to reduce or waive the fee for upcoming semester. The petition was filled by the law studen..

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Should legal internships and moot courts be mandatory in times of a global pandemic

Internships and moot courts are an essential step towards the survival of a law student in this supremely competitive field. Internships under practicing lawyers, law firms, organizations in the legal sphere, research institutes, etc. provide budding lawyers with hands-on experience and instills in them, good work ethic. It is highly ..

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Important legal websites and apps for lawyers and law students!

SYNOPSIS: We live in a digital world today. This fact has been further proved by the ongoing pandemic. The world of the internet is the link that still keeps the ideology of globalization running as physical travel restrictions have been put in place. Law students across the nation and world have started making the best use of te..

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Interview for Internship - The virtuoso needed

Synopsis: The following article gives a glimpse of interview for any legal internship and some tips to successfully go ahead with them. It also contains a brief about different types of internships available with law students. What is it: Law Internship? Law internships teach us the legal world&#39;s intricacies, because one may have to work in tandem with the ..

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Law(LLB) interview Guidelines: How to answer the questions

SYNOPSIS: This article aims at answering the most pressing doubts that applicants usually have prior to an interview for an internship. The article highlights certain important questions that the applicants should always be prepared for and further elucidates what all an applicant should take care of during an interview. Other th..

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How essential is it during an internship interview to have knowledge about the field of law you want to enter?

More and more law firms are offering placements during the first year of university, so it is tempting to think that you need to get involved in deciding your career choice right from day one. Law students mainly before or in their 3rd year decide which field of law they want to pursue a career in be it litigation, corporate law, arbitration, Intellectual property l..

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Muslim Law Notes - GGSIP Syllabus

Muslim Law : Muslim Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Who is a Muslim? Muslim is a person who follows Islamic region. A Muslim person believes in only one God, Allah and prophet Muhammad is his messenger. Muslims do not practice any ideal worship.&nbsp; ..

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Family Law Notes - Unit One - GGSIPU Syllabus

FAMILY LAW&nbsp; Unit1: Hindu Marriage Act and Dissolution Who&#39;s a Hindu? &#39;Hindu&#39; is a difficult and a vast term to define. It&#39;s a religion which is being practiced over five thousand years. A Hindu is a person who practices the followi..

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"Legal education cannot be regulated by outsider" Bar Council of India opposes the Higher Education commission Bill

Bar Council of India has shown its disapproval for the new Higher Education Commission bill which is to be presented in the cabinet in the winter session. This particular bill is to repeal the old University Grant Commission bill and according to the BCI it is aimed to dismiss the power of the Bar conferred upon it by the Advocates Act, 1961. <p style="text-ali..

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