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Daily Judiciary Mcq - Pyq Series: Judiciary Special

Q1. Which of the following Criminal Minor Acts was amended by the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013? (a) The Immoral Traffic Act (b) The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 (c) The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012 (d) Criminal Procedure Code Ans: (c) Explanation:  The Crim..

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Extensive Research On The Presumptions As Given Under Indian Evidence Act

Key Takeaways: General Classification of Presumptions Differences between Presumption of Fact and Presumption of Law Explanation of Section 4 of the Indian Evidence Act Presumption as to documents under the Indian Evidence Act Presumptions in other laws INTRODUCTION: In general, presumption refers to t..

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A Compendium Of Maxims: Meaning Of Legal Maxims With Reference To Legal Provisions

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Importance of Legal Maxims  Use of Latin Phrases in the Indian Legal System A List of 100 Legal Maxims (A - Z) with meaning and references to relevant legal provisions  INTRODUCTION: A Legal Maxim is a well-established legal idea, proposal, principle, or doctrine, that is generally expressed in Lati..

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A Comprehensive Study Of A Deed Of Trust With A Sample Draft

KEY TAKEAWAYS: Sample Draft of a Deed of Trust. Deed of Trust consists of three individuals i.e. the lender, the borrower, and the trustees. There are two kinds of Trust such as a Private Trust and a Public trust which are further subdivided into various parts. Any individual can create a Trust but that trust must abide by the rules of law./..

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Navigating Different Methods Of Debt Recovery In India

INTRODUCTION: Debt recovery in Indian legal mechanisms is heterogeneous and possesses a multifaceted landscape, which tries to resolve financial disputes by way of recovery and settlement to creditors from the debtor's default payment through the medium of recovery channels, having its statutory bodies, which gives a clear pathway to the solution of timely recovery and restructu..

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Understanding The Phenomenon Of Proclaimed Offender

KEY TAKEAWAYS:- Who is a proclaimed offender? What are the consequences of becoming a proclaimed offender? Can the proclamation be challenged? INTRODUCTION:- The concept of a “proclaimed offender” resonates with an air of mystery and intrigue, often conjuring images of elusive individuals evading the clutches of..

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Woman Making Reasoned Choice to Establish Physical Relation Knowing Consequences Then Consent Can't be Said to be Based on Misconception: Delhi HC

While ruling on a very significant point pertaining to the establishing of physical relationship by woman, the Delhi High Court in a most learned, laudable, landmark, logical and latest judgment titled I S vs Govt of NCT of Delhi & Anr in W.P.(Crl) 1059/2024 and cited in Neutral Citation No.: 2024 : DHC : 2667 that was pronounced as recently as on April 3, 2024 has minced just no words to m..

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District Magistrate Can Revoke Detention Order Before Government Approval: J&K HC

While ruling on a very significant legal point pertaining to the detention of a person, the Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh High Court at Jammu in a most learned, logical, laudable, landmark and latest judgment titled Bashir Ahmed Naik vs UT of J&K and Ors in HCP No. 1/2023 CM No. 3303/2023 that was reserved on 18.03.2024 and then finally pronounced on 28.03.2024 has been most assertive in hol..

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Comprehensive Understanding Of Legal Intricacies Governing Mortgages Under The Transfer Of Property Act 1882

KEY TAKEAWAYS: In India, the Transfer of Property Act (TPA) of 1882 plays a crucial role regulating transfer of movable and immovable property . The most essential element of a mortgage is a transfer of formal interest in the property with a mechanism for redemption. Section 58 to 104 of the TPA provides the important fragments of mortgag..

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Empowering Women in Business: Breaking Barriers and Shaping Futures

In today's dynamic business landscape, the presence and influence of women are increasingly vital. From pioneering startups to established corporations, women are making significant strides, reshaping industries, and championing diversity and inclusion. Despite facing historical barriers, women have risen to prominence as leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs, driving economic growth and f..

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Judiciary Aspirants, Test Your Knowledge: 10 Previous Year Mcqs On The Code Of Criminal Procedure (crpc)

Q1. The Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act 2005 (No. 25 of 2005) received the assent of the President on: (a) 21st July, 2005 (b) 23rd June, 2005 (c) 22nd August, 2005 (d)20th September, 2005 Ans: (b) Explanation:  Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2005 received the asse..

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Civil Procedure Code

Q1. Which of the following terms is used to describe the monetary limit of a court’s authority to hear and decide civil cases? a)    Territorial jurisdiction b)    Subject matter jurisdiction c)    Appellate jurisdiction d)    Pecuniary jurisdiction Ans/s..

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Empower Your RJS Dream: Look at Best Coaching Options in Jaipur

RJS Coaching is an unforgettable experience that enables people to realize their greatest potential, accomplish their objectives, and lead happy, fulfilled lives. To successfully negotiate the difficulties of both personal and professional development, mentoring, counseling, and careful planning are frequently required. This is where RJS Coaching comes in, providing a journey of trans..

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Sale Deed

KEY TAKEAWAYS:  A Sale Deed as shown in the draft below, is executed for the purchase of an immovable property by a Buyer from the Seller. A consideration amount is paid by the buyer to the seller for the purchase of such immovable property.  It forms an evidentiary value for transfer in the Court of Law. Registration of such a Sale..

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Legal Support for Startups in India: A Comprehensive Overview

Launching a startup in India is an exhilarating journey, filled with potential for innovation and growth. However, it's crucial to navigate the maze of legal requirements to ensure a smooth operation. From company registration to intellectual property rights, tax planning, and investment acquisition, understanding the legal landscape is paramount. This journey is akin to mastering a challen..

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