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Is it a False Accusation Against Zomato Delivery Man? Why do you think so?

Yes 71 %
No 4 %
Can't say 25 %
Total Votes Cast : 209
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Is it a False Accusation Against Zomato Delivery Man? Why do you think so?
Posted by Bharat Gudla

17/03/2021 16:08:13

Hearing should be on both the sides. Just filing suit by a customer doesn't prove the delivery executive to be guilty, and just a 4.5 * rating doesn't mean, the delivery executive is a decent and integrated person. Facts of the case need to be seen... Once a suit has been filed, did the customer provide any evidence supporting the same, or just words of mouth (of being hit) has been considered as would suffice. Also, after the suit has been filed and this case gained a vogue, the delivery executive has demanded the CCTV footage to be checked and also inquiry with the neighbours to be made. What about that..? No say has been posted anywhere to the notice of the public. Now if the votes are requested to be polled, how would any one decide (including me)... if the facts and progress of the case under consideration is not evident with all. So before anything to be concluded upon or voted upon... Firstly, facts of the case need to be in sufficient detail. Secondly, the voting should be restricted to knowledgeable and objective people (to avoid misleading or biased decree). Thirdly, what is the level of contemplation that someone may expect from the general public for the case. For that matter its the mistaken ruin of someone's honor, if a false decree is announced. Is such factor considered by the people. Make the people knowledgeable first, so will you get a knowledged and unbiased judgement.
Posted by Raghav Arora

17/03/2021 16:07:41

The video of the Woman that went viral where she shows a cut on the hand which was not there in the first vid makes an indication of a false accusation. However, the hand ring hitting the woman's own nose is not very convincing. A tough call!

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