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Transfer of matrimonial case

 14 December 2020

In the Order passed in the matrimonial case- Shruti Kaushal Bisht v. Kaushal R. Bisht on November 6, 2020, Justice V. Ramasubramanian, at the Supreme Court, has considered that the claim of the wife Shruti that she is not receiving maintenance, has n

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[Domestic Violence Act] Wife Entitled To Claim Right Of Residence Which Belongs To Relatives Of Husband Also

 07 December 2020

In a well-written, well-balanced, well-analysed, well-articulated and well-reasoned judgment under the Domestic Violence Act, a three Judge Bench of the Apex Court comprising of Justices Ashok Bhushan, R Subhash Reddy and MR Shah have ruled in no unc

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Petitioner Fails To Explain Any Reason For Leaving Husband

 29 October 2020

Let me not hesitate to begin by first and foremost stating that I very strongly feel that the time is ripe now for making many radical changes in our penal laws and treating woman on the same platform as man and as is repeatedly demanded most strenu

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There was no evidence in hand that the plaintiff was actually given and taken in adoption by the parents or guardians of the plaintiff as required under Section 11(iv) of Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act

 03 October 2020

The Bombay High Court held that both the Courts below had rightly held that the plaintiff cannot be held adopted son of Kundanbai and he has been rightly denied his succession to the properties of Kundanbai.

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Wife may claim maintenance despite divorced by husband on the ground of desertion

 03 October 2020

The Supreme Court rejected the Special Leave petition filed by the husband and observed that For the last two decades, Section 125 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, including the explanation referred to in subsection (1) thereof, has been consisten

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If a step-mother can give a step-son in adoption in the absence of natural parents

 03 October 2020

The Court discussed Sections 4, 6, 9 and 11 of HAMA and then carefully gave the judgment. It held that the scheme of HAMA is not to make a child of 15 years of age or above fir to be taken in adoption. The exception however is made in favour of custo

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The appeal was for custody of the child

 28 September 2020

Since the factors in favour of Respondent are weightier than those in favour of the Appellant which have been noted above. The custody was given to the Respondent/ Mother. Since the mother was a school teacher, the Court ordered to get the child admi

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The appeal was partially admitted

 28 September 2020

The Court agreed with the findings given by the First Appellate Court. The First Appellate Court came tothe conclusion that the case property was sold.

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The appeals were dismissed subject to the partial modifications

 28 September 2020

The appeals were dismissed subject to the partial modification of the order passed by the District Judge and High Court.

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Can the sale of a suit property inherited by the minor carried out by the de facto guardian

 28 September 2020

The Court held that “the minor on attaining majority did not ratify the sale deed executed by his defacto guardian with the defendant and entered into a sale deed with the appellant.

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