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writ petition on dispute over records

Dear experts..

My father is a owner of a property . We have our name( now my father name and before ancestors names) on all  records from 1889 our property ,but is some where between 1985 our property went to  district collector name then we have have filed a case and won that one in 2010  now property in our name but   some people  from our city  have filed a  writ petition in high court , which is in pending state from last 9 month.

Please let us know how can we approach on this.







pl send scan copy of the petition


Thank you sir for your quick response. As of now we don't have a copy of petition, only 2 days back we got to know about  it . 

I will send you once i will get the same.





Sir .. Today we got the copy from High court . They have given same document , which they have given in local SDM court. 



1: Sir long back ago around 1870  reputed person gifted us some land . As we are Vaishnava barmins and pujari of our own temple .  

2: Sir we have paid all the taxes any everything on that land till now.

3: In 1985 there was road construction were going in our land, So somehow our land in-charge name were sifted on the name of district collector. We were unknown about that fact but somewhere in 1998 we got to know that in our land in-charge in now district collector and we have put a case in our local  court and we won in 2010 and SDM removed the name of collector from our land.

4 : Now the person from reputed family want that land or want a trust and he want to be a member of that trust. We are against that demand as we have are the owner of land now.

5: The document they have filled in petition, they don’t have their family  name  in any of the document all the document we have our ancestors name on it.

6: In petition they have given letter  with some ppl signature  as this is a matter of public interest.

7: We have our own temple and there is no trust in that from early 1870.

8: They have lost case with same document in SDM court and claimed that judgment was made in our favor  with some personal interest.

9 : Now the petition is under proposal  from last 9 month and no other document has been submitted by the them.


Please let me know if this case can be go against us or how can we appeal in high court to reject that petition.






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