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kandarp1986 (techni)     19 September 2012

Wife wants to come back after thretning parents for jail

wife wants to come back ti live with me after thraetning my parents to send in jail..my parents demand to write the thratning in written..her parents denies for writting..but she is ready to write that..will this writing can help me in future if she file any case against me or my family? her parents are not getting involvedi n any writting..it is she writting only..no member from her side..


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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     19 September 2012

1. Frankly such private excahnge of love letters writing between two spouses in matrimonial matters does not say it is fool proof but something is better than having nothing in hand !.

2. However no harm in giving her ‘second chance” only if you see marriage may rock henceforth between spouses.

3. Further to test her genuiness ask her to give you a notarized registered affidavit to that effect

Adv Aneesh Trivedi 9424449500 (Advocate)     19 September 2012

it is very well said that "to give second chance means to give a second bullet if first was failed;

but you know your wife well if she really want to live with you happil and all was happen by impulstic so no harm but be careful if second time she is prepared and coming to you in a planed way than god will also not save you.it is also true when the thread is broken once then only their is tie left

you welcome her with precaution if she is immatured and did this then there is a chance to imporve

if she is matured then she is coming to you with plan or by some majburi just observe this when her majburi ended she will again show her cruei face

if she really loves you then she will not uses or do such acts so now risk is yours

mans are fool in front of foolish ladies always. it is history from dashrath to todays woman

now you decide consult with others but from my openion take undertaking that she will never go for dowry case,

DV cases ,alimony cases or for any distructive act

i am suffering from this i gave second chance and she took my dauthter and i am not able to see her since lastyear she is now 15 months old only so your emotion feeling may get hurt

are you really sure she wont turned cruel and make your life happy then give second chance you listen to your inner voice then decide dont ask to otheres/

you are here on legal advice means you also not sure and confident you searching safty of yours and your faimily means situation is not too good?

you better judge dont get confused act intelligently

rajiv_lodha (zz)     20 September 2012

No written document from her side or even accompanied by letter from her parents, WILL NOT SAVE U AS FOOL PROOF REMEDY FOR PSOOIBLE LEGAL ASSAULT LATER ON, if she decided to launch!

Never Give Up (Fighter)     20 September 2012

Following are my views, (may be just one side of the coin)


She has threatened in the first step.


If she is still at her parental place would mean they would have enquired all stuff from lawyer by this time.


Lawyer might have suggested to go back , stay for some time and then create a big reason to file all the case.



best idea is first to get a notozied affidavit from her and then DON'T let her enter in your house !! give her the taste of her own medicine ;)

Adv Aneesh Trivedi 9424449500 (Advocate)     20 September 2012

but gunjan this will not save their marriage if she really want to come back and want to live happily then and again this act will spoil the life of husband also


saving marriage ??? there are zero percent of marriage getting saved when the wife abuse law to see inlaws behind.bars to fulfil her selfish motive of power or money . it is always better to get rid of such woman asap when her intentions become clear rather than giving her another chance to spoil you . 

Adv Aneesh Trivedi 9424449500 (Advocate)     21 September 2012

yes you are very corect i am telling this because in my case she filed 498A and tell me that is is becoz you file sec9 and my father force me to do then she came back to me and after one and half year when i blessed with daughter on 5 may11 she took her and went on 8june11 here when she is with me try to crate drama for three time and the last time also no reason to fight the also she did this provoke me to fight so that she can put blame on me but i was in control at last she went to her mohter house i call her many times but did not go to bring her back in real sense , now she is working in school earning5000 when she was with me then she tont me " that in 15 000 me ek bacchi nahi palti to ghar kaise chalega" now i m earning 50000 and in abroad she told me that you are not abel to do anything in life but now i got chance to go out of india but now the problem is 498A filed on 25 aug09 is comming to end i apply for discharge and hearing is going now it is immprtant to me to appear in the court otherwise warant will be issued and i may lost the case, wife telling me that i dont want to come back i will destryo you dont ring me again but every time she pick up my phone not changing her number , she is suffering socialy also but the ego not pulling her down her mother is ill, having two younger unmarried sis one having age of 29 and other is 18 no one male father died in tragic death controvarsy suicide or attack. at that time she is with me pragnent 7 months this short story

now i want to know will sec 09 win help in 498A?

about chance so i am dilema whether to give or not still? reason is that she may improve for daughter and her family.

my family is also get saved my marriage get saved it is risk. but practically it in not possible to forget the duties fir baby.

so sometime man become handicap unansered thats why i told to be little lineant and flexible though it may be dangourous.some time some day she will ralize and she will as it is not possibel for 498A and divorcee wife to survive easily . if she belong to decent family the she cant stuggle much and she is of lose character then she ready to become keep of any one and name tag it as seocnd wife .

Rahul Sharma (Others)     21 September 2012

How about husband living separately with her wife on rent and not along parents, and once things look good in a year than he might live along everyone. Just to save the parents from any unpredictable threat. Affidavit can still be taken. I am not a lawyer but can understand the situation well. PS ; learned lawyers can comment

Adv Aneesh Trivedi 9424449500 (Advocate)     26 September 2012

hellow rajiv sir please read my querry also the guide me also and also tell how to teach lesson to such ladies?

firstly i want her to back but as considering the mentality of such type of ladies it is difficult and impossible

chance are there but she will live like and indian cultured wife is not possible and i have to walk over knife edge.

but still you guide me the case position is that i applied for dischard in year 2011 march and now still it is on date i am not appeared as i m out of india but i will go in last of november the what i will do?

first thing is clear that i will not go for divorce till 498A will get over

second is when to file defamation and custody and other cases ? before divorce case or after divorce i am asking you this to know which will be best way if divorce is there then she will be free and fight with more hard intention as far as she is binded till then there is some feeling she have towards me or we can say she is some what week emotionaly.

i am giving you my full fact file:




Wife living in her mohter house having two sis one is MCA not married 28 yrs and next one is in 12th

father expired mother is 60yrs no other relatives who help them


[1] married on 11dec12,without dowry adarsh vivah

[2] she left me due to ego 0n 24 april 09 giving 155 notice in police station.

[3] i went to took her back but i was beaten by her father and insulted on 3 may 2009.

[4] we start talking 20/5/09

[5] some hard talk is going on since 19/07/09

i went to sp office complain registers it is sent to paramarsh kendra by sp.

[6] hearing is on 9sept 09 but on 25/8/09 false 498A was filed and i was arrested for three day now on bail

even in media she spread that i m terrorist etc etc

[7] mutual aggreement offer come from her side i refused/

[8] i am facing the dates but talk on cell started with her 20/11/09

[9\ she come to me and we went for outing for a week in 28/12/09

[10] she come back in same house

[11] i won sec 9

we came to new place 28/3/10

[12] she is pregnant in aug 10 mean time she made drama in may September and October

[13]her father die in mystery death on 22/3/11

[13] she delivered a baby on 5/5/11

[14] her mother came on 16/5/11 and went 22/5/11

[`15] on 23/5/11 she talk abusive harsh word on next day lock the door from inside and i was out whole night

[16] on 27/5/11 she went to relative house with baby in gown

[17] she went to sdop oral complain i was called for paramarhs but i had fear that i may get arrested as before so didnt appeared\

[18]her mother and sister came and she went with them on 8/6/11

i called her lot she not allowing to see me my baby i miss her since 8/6/11

now again situation become worse she is telling harsh word and abusive language and third class talk just like i sleep with othes etc you also go to others.

[19] i talk with her 22/7/12 she told mere tarkash me abhi teer baki hai mai to bachi ke bada hone ka intezar kar rahi thi ab khel me maja ayega maine baap khoya antim saans tak ladungi etc etc

now guide what i do when she is with me she is alright i want by daughter back i m out of india now 498a is not charged yet ,

now i m planing to file


b.child custody


just to make her trouble and she know that to file a case is easy but to fight means to suffer

but in that no hope for rejoin as before,i also waste my time and money,

she took my baby on 8th june 12she was  born on 5may 12,once she put her on ground and not feeding her in the summer bacchi sirf 15 din ki usko jameen par lita diya kachre ke passs machchar kat rahe the bachhi ro rahi thi maine kaha uthao use doodh pila do she refuse to feed her
jab lekar chali gayee to mujhe phone par kaha ye mere gale ki ghanti hai station par fenk dungi utha kar le jana.
 ek bar kaha mai use galat raaste par chalaunga tumhari beti hai na use galat raste par dalungi
ek bar kaha mai uske man me nafrat bhar dungi tumhare khilaff.
i have all the recording of her.
is that sufficient otherwise i go for other option to kidnap her,krishna ne kaha hai dharm ke marg par agar adharm se bhi chalna pade to wo darm hi hai. i am not tooo much philosphical but conditions and situation are forcing me there .

also i need your advice suggestion and wishes too

also i may have to give alimony for my daughter only as she is working i can prove it already i proved it in sec 9.

i need your guidance and also if situation not improved then how to teach her lesson ,

just give this story to media and make drama to highlight

what i do please guide me, please do belive me what you say i will definitely follow you.

sir also please tell that as i won RCR sec 09 will help me in 498A only as there is complaint only no evidance no MLC and only her mother and one man outsider of her town and lady inspector who lodge the FIR are from her side for statement so what is present situation reflect either win or lose?

I am from AMRAVATI [Maharashtra] and marriage and case is in Madhaya pradesh

aneesh trivedi

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