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498a Advice (IT)     06 August 2015

Wife mobile (prepaid) call record

How I can get the wife mobile (prepaid) call record,I have a fear that she is cheating me?


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U fear that she is cheating U,but no confirmation, yet U have a profile name of Divorce Advice.

Harassedexhubby (self)     06 August 2015

If you are worried she is having relationship that means there is a lack of communication between both of you.. Try to get information cleverly from her mouth not by swooping.  Also she could be one of those females that is wantedly trying to provoke you, thinking she can make you jealous and seeking attention. She doesnt realise that it is counter productive...

If possible visit a marriage counsellor alone (family,friends or professional whoever you trust).. Completely avoid female marriage counsellors, they will only break your marriage in the long term.. Female counsellors have a different psychology to males and cant understand/accept the issue.. Even male counsellors, be careful some may play havoc with your life.

Marriage counsellor can even help you learn to get info from your wife without snooping directly..

These days there are multiple ways to talk on phone, SIM or whatsapp/skype etc. so you cant really get a list of calls, if she wants to hide it..

You are not Alone, all men who are marrying professional women are facing this issue in India. Ofcourse some non working women are also doing it.. Its a little bit of education and TV that is making the worm in the brain to start dancing.. Its harder to treat this worm than AIDS/Cancer..

Getting to know the truth is impossible, she may or may not be having an affair..

When she knows you are snooping on her she may divorce you directly, apply 498a dowry case, or understand you better and live happily ever after.. Most of the times its the first 2 options..

As a last resort, If she is still willing take her to a different city away from parents and live there, see how she behaves then.. 

If nothing is working, just apply for divorce on mental harassment grounds(s*xual denial, public intimidation, bad mouthing are all harassment).. She will then either accept the divorce and move on or apply for 498a.. There will be a temporary phase of even more sorrow both ways. If she accepts the divorce, you and your family will feel bad about the divorce, if she files for 498a you and your family will feel bad about the case, police, courts, relatives pressure etc. This is temporary phase.

After a few months you should be shamelessly looking to get into an affair with another good female and have kids and move on in life. Here dont even look at another divorced female as she would have done the same things that your present wife is doing.. The law will wait and all cases will take 10-20 years to resolve..

You think India has enough Jail space to accomodate 5-6 lakh 498a dowry prisoners? Thats the number of 498a cases.. If even 1/5th of them are convicted, India will have to house terrorists in 5 star hotels..

You think India will be one country with the one law after 20 years? I am pessimisstic..

These Marriage Laws and Ladkhi padao Desh bachao kind schemes/laws are devised by the governments/NGOs to break your marriage. That is the final aim and you cant really change the system..

All I can say is Live happily, you have one life.. Do what ever you have to to live happily..

I am not a lawyer, I am female harassment/divorce survivor of 5 years and have learnt my lessons to live happily..

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agree with above user. time and tide wait for none, enjoy pakoda when it lasts.

SuperHero (Manager)     07 August 2015

@Divorce Advice - Kill the Fear, Else the Fear will Kill you.

@Harassedexhubby - Looks like you had gone through a rough phase in life.. Hope all is settled now and you are living a good life now..

S.JEEVAGAN, Madurai. (Advocate, High court )     07 August 2015


Generally, Cell Phone companies will not give  the call records of a particular pre-paid subscriber even if the very particular subscriber  makes a request  therefor unless there is a complaint registered in a police station and the police requires the same for the purpose of the investigation. You cannot ask for the call records of your wife, just because you have a doubt on her character.



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