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Wife committed suicide after getting divorce petition

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Ranee....... (NA)     21 April 2013

Originally posted by : Helping Hand !

^ ^ ^

She might have felt guilty, she might have learnt her lesson, but there is no point in crying over split milk.

What is the use to cry now and try and commit suicide?  When she had the chance to show love, caring etc she should have.

Now that you've both been divorced, she cannot make allegations against you and project you as the reason for her to try commiting suicide, unless you still kept in touch with her even after the divorce.

Beware, if you still are keeping in touch with your ex-wife, such actions will prove to be detrimental.

Restrain from any type of contact via phone, email, word of mouth etc with your ex, or else you might end up in jail, as there could be another angle to it, a criminal one.

@Helping Hand,if you can help then change your profile name even dont read the query.Here the wife tried committing suicide after RECIEVING THE NOTICE"..and you feel he has got

what helping hand you will offer if you even dont go throgh the query?

Mr Loan Advisor, I feel you need a 45 days vacation to Jail . You cant give time to your wife and accuse her of false allegations?If so why did you marry?You needed a showpiece??

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     21 April 2013

Dear Mithilesh

attampt to commit suecide is a criminal offence u/s 309 of IPC

309. Attempt to commit suicide.-- Whoever attempts to commit suicide and does any act towards the commission of such offence, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year 1[ or with fine, or with both.]

Mango (Consultant)     22 April 2013

Even she has tried to commit suicide to prove her innocence, you and your family are still in dilemma to revoke the divorce petition. You have admitted yourself that you'd never given her time nor you have any firm evidence of her adultery. What are you really doing? Spoiling her as well as your's life because you are dubious by nature.  I would suggest, asking your lawyer if there are any chances of mediation/counseling. If yes, go for it. Please don’t wait for second and final attempt to commit suicide and put you and your family in Tihar Jail for forever!


Just FYI – If you'll ever try to commit suicide then you would probably come to know, how difficult it's to choose the best method. Just selecting a best option between slit the throat OR cut the hand seems impossible, when you have no RIGHT reason to commit suicide!




Mr Mithilesh

I am not sure why so many people think you are in trouble.You have done everything by the book.You have sent a legal notice through your lawyer,for which she is expected to file a reply in 6 weeks or appear in court whatever the case may be.What you haven`t done is try to defame her character in public,harass her etc.It is entirely her responsibility to take the action she has taken.In the worst case scenario,if your inlaws insist,then the police may file under Abetment to suicide but a judge will side with you as sending a legal notice is a responsible action of yours.It is not possibe to have proofs for all the allegations made under Divorce notice,as noone can file a Divorce notice then.


I  insulted her and her parents  .i called up a meeting where my relatives my parents and some of outsiders were present.i used filthy language about her character 

Originally posted by : MITHILESH

I  insulted her and her parents  .i called up a meeting where my relatives my parents and some of outsiders were present.i used filthy language about her character


You've got the perfect blend of ingredients to get behind bars.

Always remember one thing, when the matter is in court, the matter be solved in court via mediation/couselling etc, not outside court.

Mango (Consultant)     22 April 2013

Mithilesh @ Whom you had called for this meeting were all your family people and relatives. I believe that they are the elders people from both sides. Elder people are more intellectual, knowledgable and thoughtful than you could ever imagine. Call them again through your lawyer and setup a meeting. Elder should be knowing the fact that when a person is angry or overconfident, he/she says the things which does not make any sense (including flithy language, abuse). Let these elder people speak and try to settle down the things for you. In every relationship there are high and lows; sometime you are right and sometime you are NOT. This time you are proved wrong so you should be submissive and act as a wise man. You should confess what you did to her. Past is past and try to settle down the things first.


I truly believe that she and her relative would openly accept you without having any issues. Before they file anyother case, you better call your lawyer and ask to setup a counselling sessions to regroup again. I believe, you may NOT want to have her murder on your head!


Keep the following things in mind -


1. You still have time to sort-out all the things. It's NOT the end of world which you cannot control.... Have a strong will-power and be confident in handling these situations.


2. Focus on the end result i.e. settle down with your wife and avoid any agruments with any other person.


3. Plan it first how you are going to admit for your mistake so that you don't say something different in the realtime situation. Mind stops working when you see the situations.


4. Stop getting scared from legal and personal aspect. Have your goals very clear.




What is the time difference between your meeting and her getting the divorce notice?

Is it right that she tried to commit suicide not after the meeting but after receiving the divorce notice?

sasertin (officer)     22 April 2013

if she has shown temper tantrums, rude/unexpected behaviours, abused/threatened u while u were staying advice will be avoid any reunion before u are too sure of her... as i can sense some personality disorder in her......presently if she survives, u are safe...but if u will take her back,u will repent......but if she had no glaring faults & is a normal person(but why should a normal person try to commit suicide?), then u may think over...

I can also guess some sort of  quarrels within her family, blame games etc which could have prompted her action...  Going by the allegations which women make in 498a that standard men should have committed suicide 10 times over....


Personal advice:

The most dangerous people are the one's who have got suicidal tendencies.


Ranee....... (NA)     22 April 2013

I guess this is a fake query just to create sensation.

This is an ITEM query.

MITHILESH (LOAN ADVISOR)     22 April 2013

she died today morning leaving a suicide note that nobody is responsible for her death.should i leave my current city.

Ranee....... (NA)     22 April 2013

wow! congratulations! you can remarry after 13 days!

MITHILESH (LOAN ADVISOR)     22 April 2013

pls help what should i do now


wtf? died?? :-(

fate of a false allegation on a woman you married, @Author you are a shameless fellow. You blindly followed some uzless advocate. She was your wife and you haven't realised the fact yet.

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