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Daksh (Student)     07 September 2010

WHETHER LAW IS A MEAN OR END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Dear All,

Kindly enumerate wtih examples and your personal/professional experience whether law is a mean or end.

Thanks in advance

Best Regards



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CommonMann (Software Professional)     07 September 2010

In my opinion law is a money making machine for law makers which includes leaders, judges, advocates and all the government officials who are part of judiciary. What I feel is 90% cases are false cases nowadays. Specially smart people are misusing of law which includes WOMEN in majority because for filing a case women don't need any evidence. She is always ABLA and will become ABLA always in INDIA till this worl exists.


@Charanpreet HoraI am Online

So it is a means to money making by hook or crook and money making is the end.


And why we are here then?

CommonMann (Software Professional)     07 September 2010

We are here because every one of us might be involved in any of the false allegations. I was the victim of 498A and now those are resolved becoz I paid hefty amount since I dont have the time to go to court on each hearing due to my career. So the expereince That I got in 2 years of court proceedings is that if you have money you can buy any government official even you can buy President and PM of this country if you have money and power. Because I dont want my parents to suffer and go to jail judge has taken a hefty bribe for that and we all got bail fater that from immediate effect. Thats y I feel law is mean and dead.

Originally posted by :jogeshwar
@Charanpreet Hora

So it is a means to money making by hook or crook and money making is the end. 

And why we are here then?

A "aam adami" is "here" for;

1. "Admission" by Public Servant ld. members as it to be "general fact".
Reasoning: All Public Servant say they are the honest public servant when confronted and don't use law to mean and or end..

"Admission" by Ld. Advocates members as it to be "general fact".
Reasoning: All Advocates say they are honest when confronted and have never used law for mean and or end for their client(s).

"Admission" by Ld. female general public members especially under Family Law as it to be "general fact".
Reasoning: All female general public say they never misused law for mean and or end in their case.

To "show" neutrally "both sides" of the coin by Ld. general public members of either genders.
Reasoning: To remove the cloud from both gender general public, ld. advocates members and ld. public servant members that there has been wide spread usage of law for mean and or end. 

After "all above exercise" now to come up to conclude with a "general concensus" and preapre a "sterile society" with do's and dont's to follow.  


"After "all above exercise" now to come up to conclude with a "general concensus" and preapre a "sterile society" with do's and dont's to follow."

Sterile society or sane society?

can there be a relief for all Charanpreet Horas/

CommonMann (Software Professional)     07 September 2010

Yes there is a relief. As per my opinion the IPC sections like 498a should be bailiable and trial or result  should come out with in 3 months and also there should be a amendment in these sort of IPCs like 498a which states severe punishment to the person who filed these false cases. Until these amendments are there no body can do anything.


This thread is not for s.489A IPC alone.

Jamai Of Law (propra)     07 September 2010

This is a kind of 'acknowledged anarchy' and it seems that people have come to terms and also developed 'immunity' as well as 'blind eye' and keep finding excuses to convince themeselves that this is a 'practical world'


Everybody wants that gandhi ji, king shivaji, maharana pratap, subhash chandra bose should be borned again........But not in their house....... but at 'neighboours' house and they should come for your rescue.


The everybody is a 'lion in their own den'. But man is asocial animal and has to depend on others.



I have seen one incident that ....

a 'traffick police was about to fine a doctor for parking two wheeler at wrong place. Doctor pleaded that the white line on the road was not properly made and hence one wheel of the bike has crossed the margin. but cop strated giving sermon about the law to him. then doctor silently gave him 150/- for the challan and said.....

'I know from where to recover this wastage of money!! Can you question me whether I am giving injection of 'bisleri' or some medicine. please do take whatever fine from me.......... do you want 250/-!!!!! but remember that patient may turn out to be a hapless relative of any Cop, lawyer or judge also!!!!!

That cop was stunned and he simply let him off!!



Nobody gets away. B'cos cops, lawyers and all other corrupt people give training to their victims that they can also become lion in their own den.

aur ant me vey (all those corrupt people) ya unhi ke baal-bachche jarur uska fal kahi aur jagah par jarur bhugatate hai.

'karm ka fal to milata hi hai'.


Is there statistics on women who filed 498a, DV etc etc cases, on following...

Have they go remarried? if at all there are remarriages of such women, are they successful?

Have their younger sisters and brothers been able to marry ?



The real statistics would be a real eye opener.



It is realization that 'what would I do with the end (achieved by hook or crook) if I had to give up so much of means' to achieve it.



A few Lawyers are responsible for provokation and brain wash their clients wrongly that 'end result justifies all means' for their own benefits, and their clients realise that mistake later after its a gone chance!!!!!








CommonMann (Software Professional)     07 September 2010


Yes I know this thread is not for 498A. But I ahve taken that as an example. The case may be of any nature. What I ahve seen is always person who is wrong goes to court because he/she knows after filing case he/she will get something out of it rather getting nothing. And what I am saying is women are the mass people who involved in these false cases with judiciary supporting them. Thats y sometimes court also says 498a as legal terorrism and legal prostitution. 498a is just an example.

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OK dear

Daksh (Student)     08 September 2010

Dear All,

Thanks a tonne for your valuable and considerate opinion and inputs.  It is really appreciated.

Best Regards


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