whether installation of mobile tower is health hazard?

Whether installation of mobile tower is health Hazard?

  We in view of the overwhelming material are of the
considered view that as of now there is no cause of alarm with
regard to the possible ill-effect on human health by
electromagnetic Field (EMF radiation) from mobile phone
towers and mobile phones because the limits adopted in India
cannot have any biological effect on human. In fact, the
limits set by India are much lower than the internationally
adopted recommendations of the International Commission of
Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) which account for
thermal and non thermal effect.
There is no conclusive evidence as on date which
may have found any adverse health effect by EMF radiation
from the mobile tower or mobile hand set by the WHO or
SCENIHR and so long as EMP radiation power level in vicinity of
Mobile Base Stations is below the prescribed limits, there should
not be any cause or concern for adverse thermal effect on

human beings living close to Mobile Base Station or in the
nearby vicinity.
 Now in teeth of the report submitted by the WHO
and another report submitted by the SCENIHR, the individual
opinions relied upon by the petitioners to claim that the EMF
radiations from the Mobile Base Stations are source of health
hazard, for the time being, can conveniently be brushed aside
as having no scientific backing whatsoever and therefore, any
such reports relied upon by the petitioners shall have to give
way to the opinion rendered by the WHO and SCENIHR.
However, it appears that some myths are being spread and
circulated simply in order to create fear amongst the people,
but then as aptly said by Nobel laureate Marie Curie that
“Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now
is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”
In view of the aforesaid discussion, we find no merit
in these petitions and the same are accordingly dismissed,
CWP No. 8283 of 2012 along with CWP
Nos. 5282, 9747 of 2014 and 3287 of

 Date of Decision: 30th November, 2015

Vijay Verma …Petitioner
State of H.P. & others …Respondents

The Hon’ble Mansoor Ahmad Mir, Chief Justice.
The Hon’ble Mr. Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan, Judge.http://www.lawweb.in/2015/12/whether-installation-of-mobile-tower-is.html





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