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What is the best option for woman ?

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Tejal (house wife)     11 March 2012

I think u took my sentence in wrong way. It is not about Rich & poor. It is about to force a person to do a work behind his capecity.

For example. A man is not used to do house hold work daily. But suddenly he has to do jadu-pochha & cleaning in  &  rooms,Washing cloths including bedsheets of 6 room every day, washing bartans ,cook food. constently for only 1 month . it is imposible for him.

In todays era parents focus on girls studies so they dont force her daughter to do house hold work .they just taught therir daughter to do this work only in imergency like in absence of "BAI".& only teaches to cook a food & Manage the home.& also searches the Husband from the same type of culture not in the village.

So doing these much of works are imposible for that girl. She can get responsibilities of cooking & managing her home.But forcing her to do these much of works even though they are capable to give a 1000 rupis to "Maid "  is a physically haresment to "bahu".Kamvali bai also refuse to do these much works even though she'll get paid for it by saying" itna sara kam mujse nahi hoga dusri bai bhi rakh lo"

I heard in DV matter can solved only by counseling between 2 parties? Is it true?

Tejal (house wife)     11 March 2012

 Roshani If i m not wrong , he is same like your husband. he doesnt contact her as his parents had told him to do so even though he loves him.Or i think she only feels he loves him

She wants to go to some NGO to get a right to live with him piecefully as he is not living with him from 1 year.she doesnt wants any money even when she will live with her husband.

HK_Jain... (498a Fighter)     11 March 2012

"In todays era parents focus on girls studies so they dont force her daughter to do house hold work .they just taught therir daughter to do this work only in imergency like in absence of "BAI".& only teaches to cook a food & Manage the home.& also searches the Husband from the same type of culture not in the village."

She had marriage with the person who is opposite in nature from her.

Just sit across the table and discuss.I failure, I think it is possible in her case.GET MCD(Mutul consent divorce)

Go for divorce(MCD)

and got re-marriage with a person of her choice after lot of inquiry about his life style and responsibilities.lolz..

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     11 March 2012

Wait a minute.


Visit some counsellor and thrash out the differences. Not everything can be asked under law.





Shonee Kapoor


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bhima balla (none)     11 March 2012

Counselling is the way to go!

It reflects another problem in the society i.e.inadequate training by parents for their daughters to lead a healthy family life. In India, current generation women are not trained to run a family. A lot of problems are due to this! Laziness/incomepetency,ego etc on one hand and legal weapons on another has made Indian (current generation) woman dangerous.

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Miss Tejal

Never Loose your Hopr- Never Think Negative. You may win if you think.

Your problem is critical- But you have the following ways

1. Witout consent both of u & ur hubby nobody or any court direct to that u desire.

2. You have to salve this problem in meeting of your nearest/parenyts.

3. Your view seems that you love t youe Hubby very much. If its true- Try to manage with inlaw. Perhopes you may successs to change your inlaw. Have passion. If your hubby is supporting you- It is the great moral support.

4. You may also take a meeting before Woman Counsling Cell for solve your prolem.


kumar101 (clerk)     11 March 2012

Don't goto courts for all your whims and fancies. Talk to a counsellor first.

Also, be open to work as its good for health. Men are not taught from childhood to feed and take care of wife but aren't they doing the job of bread earning. Same way, you should help the family in saving money for better future(health and financially).


Raj Vikram Singh (Software Engg)     11 March 2012

All I can say is DO NOT consider 'Woman Counsling Cell" which somone has suggested above 

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Anon (EFG)     11 March 2012

This is the problem we have today.

Parents dont teach reality of life today. They get girl married of to someone with whome she cant adjust. They they find some incompatibility they dont want to go for divorce. Instead they go to lawyer, learn bit of law and claim that its their birth right to send their inlaws to jail. Apart from this they have  friends who drum beat without understand both sides reality that only girl is right.

There kind of girls need to be in jail under Prevention of Terrorist Activities Act (POTA).

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kumar101 (clerk)     12 March 2012

Wife wants husband wealth but not his parents. Start developing some patience and responsibility towards ur FIL & MIL.

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bhima balla (none)     12 March 2012

Well said!

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Human (MRA)     12 March 2012

Since Wife seems to be educated (as mentioned about analogy with Mukesh Ambani's Daughter), she can take a Job and also get a full time maid for keeping care of Elderly Parents.

Most people forget one important thing that with Old Age coming, people become like Kids again.

If this girl's kid pushes her again and again to pick him in her arms as he cant walk (even when she does not have the capacity to pick him up), will she think of filing DV?

Please respect your in-laws who had made her Husband what he is. If he has got a culture of being a Loving Husband as you only mentioned, it is highly unlikely that her in-laws will be cruel and inhuman.

It seems to be a classic and normal misunderstanding issue.

If your cousin is so normal and mature as you claimed, there is no reason for her to be discussing with an outsider (yourself) about all this family issue in such a detail but rather being the person on ground and looking at goods and bads of family, discuss with her in-laws and Husband.

Parents who have never needed a slave during their earlier part of life, probably have no reason to develop the urge of getting a Slave now either.

So let the things get sorted normally as it happens in any normal family.

Your query has been talking so much about DV as if you are the one who is advising her to file DV. Not sure what is your interest in breaking another family by mis-using laws.

If you are not aware, let me also tell you that under the same DV, her in-laws can throw her out of the very House she is living in currently.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     12 March 2012

whan in-laws are cruel,it's natural for any woman not to serve them...


all the bhaashans being given here on respecting the elderly,etc hold no ground.because respect is mutual.

in fin-laws treat the DIL well,she will also serve them happliy.


i also served my in-laws well when i lived in their house all alone,gave them gifts etc.,but to no avail.because MIL was hell bent upon breaking my marriage as it was intercaste.slowly she poisoned my FIL's mind against me who was the only person to appreciate me for serving them.....in the end i failed.



so its no use lecturing a woman to keep serving and bowing doen in front of people who are least bothered about her peace and mental health..

Human (MRA)     12 March 2012

All I am saying that advise has to be non-legal and has to be towards making things better and not worse by taking any legal path.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     12 March 2012


As U say she is so mature & both are such LOVING BIRDS to say

1) Why she is not taking her hubby into cofidence & plan a move 2gather. I do not think of such a husband who is loving & caring but does not understand the open torture his wife is suffering at the hands of his parents.

2) If there is some communication gap, take some mutual session with marriage councellor...............thy are prefessional ppl............go there with open mind

Believe me its wonderful family life if little adjustment is done. Launching ANY TYPE of court mahinary at this delicate time my break hell!

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