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puja mohan (company secretary)     02 May 2013

Violence against parent in laws


Dear all,

Is there any law for violence and abuse of in laws by their daughter in law? Pls guide as in this particular case the daughter in law is short tempered and abuses her in laws every now and then and also tries to intimidate them by saying that her one complain against them will lead them to jail.

What remedy do parent in laws have in such case.



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File DV case against DIL.

Adv k . mahesh (advocate)     02 May 2013


there are some agree and some disagree through searching i found interesting facts if you go through those website you would be strong enough to fight against daughte in law harassing parents


Many harassed parents — whose daughters-in-law continue to live with them even after separation from their sons with an eye on the property and maintenance, even when the son has left their home — can draw relief from this judgment.

The remarks came while delivered judgement in a suit filed by a mother-in-law Radha seeking a direction to her son and daughter-in-law to vacate her house.

Her son Suraj had married Renuka on April 27, 2009. But soon serious differences arose between them after which Suraj moved out.

Radha complained of harassment at Renuka's hands. Renuka too filed a complaint of domestic violence, claimed maintenance and a decree declaring the matrimonial house as her sole and exclusive property. Perusing the files, the judge came to the conclusion that the property was owned by her mother-in-law and could not be treated as a joint family property.


How to do it?

Say.. First ask son to move out.  Son will move out.  The DIL will insist she will stay at the same place that of parent-in-laws.

Give considerable time say a day or two, not more than that.

First give a police complaint against DIL that she is threatening to kill parent-in-laws.  At the same time move court.  Get NCR number of complaint from police station and attach it to the application while moving to court.  Stating that the DIL is a pain in the a s s[threatening to kill parent-in-laws] and that the son has moved out but his wife is still residing with parent-in-laws, get an injunction like above.

Parent-in-laws have every right to live peacefully.  Parent-in-laws will get orders as to the effect.

Get rid of the DIL.

Before DIL files a false complaint against PILs, PILs should make the first move, or else be prepared to get behind bars via a false complaint under 498a.

Let your actions be swift.  Hire a good vakeel.



Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     02 May 2013

Dear Mr. Nishant 

Who are you to judge a person or a community that this community or this type of the people are not good and this type of the people are civilized.

You should relized your mistake and you should say sorry to all of them by this forum, I dont who who are you but as a human Being I am talking to you, if you think that I am wrong then do as you think fit.

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NGOKC (pm)     02 May 2013

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The law is unfair
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Ranee....... (NA)     02 May 2013

I agree with @Nadeem Qureshi 


@ Nishant 

your words showing what type of person you are!

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