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Very urgent - need advice!

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Aravind Kumar Gunda (BOE)     26 September 2017

Prasad sir, I totally understand your concerns about me.

I am not feeling about her any more. I led my depressed life when I was in Sydney before all these case. They are saying they have threat from me and at the same time after cases she communicated with me sending threatening emails, SMS to me and phoned me as well. How come she did communicate with me after filing cases against me when they have a threat from me? and she relieved the facts in the emails that how did she made me to do things that she wanted to and made me trapped, I have all her words in written with me now, those things will be provided to the court during trial to defend myself proving my innocence. Likewise I have lot many contradictory evidences against their allegations in all cases. I was diagnosed with major depression when I was in Sydney, I was trying to commit for a suicide that time and at the same time I wanted to live but could not balance my emotions to overcome to live and I phoned helpline there and the cops called up for paramedics for me and admitted me in the hospital under abservation for two days. I was very alone there in Australia leading my depressed life. Finally I got to know her reality. Thats is the reason I am saying to defend myself and put forth all the facts along with evidences regarding how did she take advantage of my mental illness and trapped me into multiple cases. Please give me a practical solution to defend myself in the court tomorrow.



G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     26 September 2017


Please do not reply / comment on any post at the spur of the moment.  You need not explain any thing to any one in open forum.

I have advised you to remain calm, and you have been posting some thing very personal in open forum and making several submissions that may go against you.

All these explanations are needed to any one.  Just focus on the issue.

If it is not clear , let me explain you, the confessions made in your above post is sufficient to brand you as "psycho" and it strengthens all their arguments.  (here please understand, that "psycho" is not a derogatory term and it only means that that person's behaviour can not be predicted and behaves and reacts as he pleases and lacks reasoning)  So never, never state about your affairs.

The issue is only on litigation.  The charges filed against you and how to tackle and build defense.  Contrary, instead of building forts, you are placing bombs in a fort, and allowing others to enter in the fort with all the battalion with elephants and inving enemery into your fort.

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