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My case is very much typical and complecate

I was a clerk in nationalised bank.
Upto 19 yrs of service no any Blemish past Records were there, on the contarary so many letter of appreciations were there

in the year 2000, resumption of one Branch Manager, his brother in law was mis-handling the branch where I was working, i was asigned to Advances table and as a relever too, as and when any clerk goes on leave.

I resisted against their malafied activities, detrimental to the interest of the bank.
With the conniavance of higher ups, I wrote to bank's vigilance Department at HO level at Mumbai, they restrained me from direct corresponding with them.

They suspended later on a fallaceous ground of fraudlent transactions in my LOANS against my OWN FDR/NSCin the past.

They servced me suspension order stating that
" You shall not enter the premises without the permission of issuing authority.
" You shall not leave the HQ               ,,                ,,,                     ,,,

THEY DID NOT PAID ME SALARIES OF MY PROLONG SUSPENSION OF 3 YRS, followed by CRS from services of the bank.

Am i eligible to get salary in full on imposition of NOT TO LEAVE HQ ?

As I have been a depositor upto 1 lac, were they justified in imposing the clause Not to enter the premise ?

In three letters, authority metioned to higher ups ' THERE IS NO ANY FINANCIAL LOSSES TO THE BANK NIL

Are they justified in withhelding my FDRs amts till even after 12 yrs ?

I have had made writ petions in the high court of gujarat, No result ?

I had asked for interim relief from my own confiscated FDRs/PF ?


HO had remitted my entire PF to the Branch, but the BM had not credited to my SB a/c in stead of it, he made DIRECT DEDUCTIONS of so called bank employees society and my Hsg Loan with the Bank.

I had refused to grant receipt on total deductions , Did BM justified in doing above act?

I was suspended on 16.08.2000, Deptt Enquiry conducted in Nov,2000 and finished in March,2001, findings of EO praising my past work did not suit at the sweet will of management for my deposits mobiliations and Recoveries in Crores in the both the segments.

After 1& 1/2 yr passed from March,2001, they appointed fresh EO, who had held any inquiry proceeding without calling me personally nor rights of Arguments and submissions were given personally. He collected a letter of BM(past) given to me for handsome recoveries in one NPA (BAD A/C) for Rs.1.16 crores. He directly wroted to BM of the Branch, in turn the then BM of the Branch was his friend, he had denied such recoveries, on the basis of his letter, I am considered to DISHONEST though the actual recoveries made by me and the them BM had given me.

While in 2nd EO finding, DA (DISCIPLINARY AUTHORITY) had awarded me punishment of CRS  by citing the reason : IN THE INTEREST OF PUBLIC AT LARGE, THE PERSON IS UNDESIREABLE" - SC judgement previous.

Are they justified in doing so ?

I had asked for my suspension Reveiw letter under RTI, Regional Manager denied on the ground that it is not available in material form. I approached to CIC, on video conferencing through Collector Office, he ordered to find out, otherwise make an affidavit within 15 days, RM made an affidavit within 5 days.
Are they justified in doing so ?

Whether an employee entitle to received a copy of SUSPENSION REVIEW LETTER ?
Even that branch had not been given such copy .

Union poeple informed at the relavant time that : CONFIDENTIAL REPORTS passed against me as 'BAD AND DOUBTFUL", but a copy of adverse remarks passed against me were not provided to me. on my asking for the same under RTI, RM denied that there is not such letter of CONFIDENTIAL LETTER.

Are they justified in not giving me 100% passed adverse remarks against me ?

They charged exhorbitant Rate of interest 14.04 ( FDRs was to earn 12% int on maturity) again they charged 21 %
Some of my past loans against NSCs ( Securities were double the amt of my loans) were treated as CLEAN LOANS interest recoveries were to rs.9,000/- @ 21 % in additon to regulary paid stipulated int Rs.12.50

Are they right in doing this kind of Act.

I hope that U will understand entire issue. If there was any financial loss to the Bank they would have made CRIMINAL COMPLAINT against me.

What to do in this matter, my case has been long pending in the HC, but no hearing except next date of hearing. Against my interim Relief from my confiscated FDRs/PF/ WAGES of suspension period though suspension period treated as if i were in service at the award of punishment., the Hon'ble Judge observed fleecing of my amt by the Bank, but learned adv of the Bank's pleading still there have been Bank's Lien. My write for interim Quased .

Now it is in the Hands of Almighty.

Your guidance solicited in the matter.


Thanking you.

Kishorsinh Gohil




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