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I am fighting a case in consumer forum as party in person and need advise on the same.

A has three clubs - A1,A2,A3 in three different cities. A offers a combined membership plan where a customer who buys membership of one club automatically becomes a FULL member of the other two clubs at no extra cost.

A sells club A1 to B and B agrees to honour the membership of existing members of the club.

Is B liable to honour the membership of the members of all three clubs (A1/A2/A3) or only A1.

Please advise on this matter and also let me know if there are any case laws relevant to this matter.

Thanks in advance for your help.



B is liable to honour the membership of of all the three clubs as was originally agreed by A with all his members of all 3 clubs.


Thanks for your advice Mr Mahajan. This is my contention before the court. However (during arguements), the judge appeared to be of the opinion that B has no liability towards members of club A2 and A3.

Can you advise of any judgement which can strengthen my contention?





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