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to the lci administrator.

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Dear Administrator,


This is for your information that I have decided to initiate the defamation proceedings against the user Shalini for her defamatory imputation lest she makes an unconditional apology for the same.


This is the URL of the user:-



Herein below is the URL of the thread where the defamatoy imputation has been made.






Ashish Davessar



Dear Ashish Sir,

Request not to do it. She might out of emotions have done that. Thats how 498a suffering families live in India. 



Hello Ashishji, Sorry to be intruding here as neither am I a lawyer nor a expert, just a victim of 498a. Sir, when these things happen I am sure you will agree that people loose their balance as these things are very disturbing. DOOBTE KO TINKE KA SAHARA though I have lawyers too but not only here on this forum have I approached for help but also taken lot of valuable time of busy people over the phone. In my case also my sister is helping me like shaliniji is helping her brother. IT is my humble request to have compassion and at the same time shaliniji Please understand that Mr.Ashish is a helpful hand on this forum thousands .I hope peace is restored between you two. Sorry if I have offended anyone. Let's continue the relationship to help. Jai shree Krishna... TO ERR IS HUMAN TO FORGIVE DIVINE.

What is this ???



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Dear Ashish Sahab

We are professional, forget these things and continue help the people, we are sharing our opinion as per the information provided by the querist. 


@To whom it may concern,


It's a humble request to you,the honorable member, not to proceed with defamation case against the LCI user.


However,I would like to add here that member who insults the repliers/experts should desist from such urge, and to avoid  such words which are against morality and moral usages.

Note-This reply should be taken as per the declaration given in my profile page.




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Certain members are in habit of making derogatory remarks just to show their smartness and it is essential that such persons shuld be weeded out from the site to maintain the quality.


We have sent similar examples of some members who are even passing remarks on High court and Supreme courts judgements  but ADMINISTRATION seems to be cool on them.


Practicing Advocate/Legal Consultant/Legal Process Outsourcing 08427414792

Respected Colleagues-at-Bar & ors


Being a lawyer myself I am in complete agreeement with you that a litigant facing a legal dispute may not be in the right frame of mind at a given time and pass an intemperate remark. However, there is a marked difference between an 'emotional' and a 'recklessly false and defamatory remark'.  The difference between the two can be comprehended even by a layman who is not well conversant with the legal intricacies. The imputation made to me in the thread is, contrary to the opinion of some members here,  not a mere emotional remark but it is a patently defamatory remark giving rise to penal liability, something I shall prove in the court if an apology does not come forth.  A lawyer like any other citizen has the right to invoke the jurisdiction of the court for punishing a wrongdoer. Lawyers do not forfeit their own legal rights after wearing the black robes.


I have already stated that if she makes an unconditional apology to me on LCI I shall drop the idea of prosecuting her for defamation. I shall have no joy in dragging this lady to the court. If, however, she does not make an apology to me at the earliest possible opportunity I shall immediately set the law in motion and endeavour to get her punished deterrently under the law.


Hope better sense prevails on her at the earliest. 




(If you are 'seeking another lawyer' then engage another 'local' lawyer after paying his legal fees instead of culling out gratuitous legal opinions for yourself here.)




(if you do reply  just for money then why are you here on this forum.....?)




I think these are the two sentences responsible for misunderstanding and the minor dispute between you two!

If seen neutrally both are hurting each other..so , I hope you will realise the fact and won't talk about closing this forum..:D


@Devassar - you are free to delete your account and move out dont create scene here on this site nobody asks you to write here ---In that column there is nothing wrong which shalini stated and when a person can fight a 498A and DV your defamation that you are not capable to file stands nowhere.


I challenge you are incapable to file and just spend your free time here on this site -- try to get some work if you are capable enough. Gudluck

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