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Thakkar mohini (No)     20 October 2011

To born a boy will be a crime

It is very serious topic to discuss in whole world and specifically in India is a country which is known and famous for its culture and social respects in the society. But now trend comes to change becuase of women and law which are working in the nation. It is not a joke but it is a reality that women laws like maintenance from husband, domesic violence, 498A and dowry cases not only that but wife is giving threat to the husband and his famlily to do her favour otherwise she lodge the cases and it comes true within a very short point of time. Genrally wife starts from 498A, second 125, thrid domestic violence act and than hsband files divorce. And yes wife is enjoying interim mainenance from these all cases though she is working or capable to work and husband as to pay. In last five years after a domestic violence act came into force i.e. from the year 2005 cases filed most as there is very simply criterias to lodge the complaints and it extends that wife can join all family members of family includinh married sister-in-law and then resultanly what happens is that sister-in-law throw away from the matrimonial home beause her matrimonial famly doesnt like court etc. And moreover, ape court held that yes women can join the female members and many high courts also. Now it comes to end to save family of husband and another is shared household in this case wife enters into husband's home legaly and to give illegal harrasment to husband and her family than what is the meaning of this kind of act.

Before sometime and even today also any peoples dont want to give birth to the baby  cild but due to these acts now time will come that parents will not give birth to boy child to save family from all women laws. So it is my humble request to all viewrs, readers and victims that please come a step forward to stop it and ask governement to save families. Husband and his faily facing more problems which cannot be compnsated in monetarily relief. Take it seriously and without imposing costs to the PILs on this topics take it seriously otherwise.


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Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     21 October 2011

@ Author

Nice begining.

It is a suggestion; go to and simply send to each MP of each State of India your above two paragraphs printout. Nothing more is required at this activist stage.

Well it is begining as you say so show us the way by eg................


prashant pundhir (Criminal Lawyer)     21 October 2011

Time is not far when the boys will start to prefer "Live in"relationship in place of the marriage .Acts like 498a,125, domestic violance are badly affecting marriage custom and also the misuse of thease act again an obstcle in the way of justice for suffered women .

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Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/     21 October 2011

prashant is right

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AAAAARRRRK (Others)     21 October 2011

@ Mohini Thakkar - Gr8 write-up.Hope it reaches the ears of decision makers. My sincere request to post it on Facebook & Twitter also. Also I will be grateful if you can send me your contact details. God bless !

Aishwarya (Teacher)     21 October 2011

there shouldn't be any law favoring men or women at all actually...

AAAAARRRRK (Others)     22 October 2011

@ Mohini & Aishwarya - Additionally it surely affects the job / profession and the social circle of the man, thus giving him a stressful life after. The children surely do suffer the maximum. Well, the lady has lot of options and also has an advantage and sympathy of being a lady. Leave it for your views and appreciation of the issue.....

Aishwarya (Teacher)     22 October 2011

well id still put tht its more or less individual than social once ur in big trouble for whole life..

"sukh ke sab saathi dukh mein na koyi"..u must have heard this.

.Isme itna general thoughts ka kuch hai nahi coz sab akele aaye hai akele jayenge , who was man or women nobody sees once its over and ur in deep sh* one does eventually one has to fend for thmselves alone..

what affects who and kisne kitna bhugta ya kiska dukh jyada bada hai and who gets the sympathy hardly matters in real life its nothing like that.,sabko apna khud dekhna padta hai..duniya gire pe chaar laaat aur marke chalti hai one should know this..

lady or gentlemen its how u make for options there is no dead end koi mara nahi hai tab tak aapke pass option hi option hai boss..yeh baat jaanlo..jab tak jaan hai toh jahaan hai..thts to tht..

AAAAARRRRK (Others)     24 October 2011

@ Aishwarya - You are right to quite an extent. But a parent (father or mother), who for their own selfish interest, don't care about the children's interest, education, their upbringing, social impact on their growth and most importantly the the sacred institution of marriage and family bonding - need to mature up and sacrifice their ego and selfish interest. An individual who does not care about these issues and looks forward to the personal interest and becomes a gold digger should be totally boycotted by the society and hope the law restricts them of certain benefits which they enjoy due to their gender, age or status. I for one is deeply moved by the views put across by Mohini Thakkar. God bless all !

Aishwarya (Teacher)     24 October 2011

why do u expect  from people ki woh tumhare liye yeh, kare woh, kare.

.jitna mil gaya uska shukar manao  aur jo uske upar mila uska ehsaan maano.

.Expectation bhot galat cheez hai life mein kuch bhi ho never expect anything from anyone..kyunki jab is expectation mein khushi ya ghum milene lagta hai toh habit ho jaati ki our happiness and sadness lingers on the other person..dont let tht happen..

Another Kisi insaan se galat ya sahi bhi expect mat karo, naa yeh socho ki bhagwan ya society tumhare liye insaaf mange .. usko saza mile blah blah..

..jab woh hoga tab hoga uska life mein likha hai toh hoga nahin toh u cant do anythng..u know just one thing to make ur life worth living every it with someone or alone or do something for others or ur own self..whereever and however u find happiness in.. ..let it be..this had to happen with u cannot do anythng abt it..u do ur own task and thts over..U dont need to be affected by things other do, most of tht ppl are thr to truble u, rest not bothered.

And let ppl be as thy r if ur right and sensible thn keep it with u noone is bothered abt it..thy will be as thy r

u cannot change thm nor shun thm for bothering u in any is to  be calm and keep ur control within ur happiness and sadness..dont depend and dont let others spoil ur sanity...start living for urslf or others..koi ek cheez karo khush rahoge ull see the change..

Thakkar mohini (No)     29 October 2011

Sir you are right but live in relaionship way is also closed for the men as there are so many jusgments passed by vious high courts as well as apex courts that these all laws are also applicable in live in relationship. only way to save husbands is to somechanges is the law only. But again it is dfficult in india to work fast and it will take more than 10 years and till than so many families lost their unity and tolerance power not only that but sir many surve reports shows that after 2005 married husband's suicide ratio is most o heigher than wives. It is a really burning question i have not posted joke on the site. I hope people of india will give me shoulder to go ahead in the pious work to save family and to save india from this pollution and that is marriage pollution which effect indian countrly and its social respect in all over India.

AAAAARRRRK (Others)     31 October 2011

@Mohini - Please go ahead. Nothing ever becomes a hurdle for people who are on the right path. Show us the way.

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