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tikona filed case ageist me!!!

my self Jatin Pancholi
Leaving at Bangalore


from july-2016 i started using tikona connection with user id- "1118229889"
i was used Tikona Quaterly Prepaid plan (Rs. 1300/pm)
I paid 3 month tikona bills in advance.(july-2016, Aug-2016,Sept-2016)
during that 3 month they provide totally wrost connection and service
so daily i make 1 or 2 call to tikona customer for my issue
and they give me some reward amount but not good service.
and because of that, i mail them to close my connection ,

and stop using that connection and i unplug that router and all.
rarly i used 6-7 days in oct month.

then i left that place and move to another place after paying them bill  amount of oct-2016 month(one employee name - lokesh come to collect that amount at home.
i mail them for 2-3 time for terminate my connection.
 but they call they don't get any mail and then i check my mail id that register with them that is"jatin_pancholi92@yahoo.co.in"- i never create this account and one more thing daily i get male on my original mail id "jatin_pancholi92@yahoo.in"- original which i fill in my register form and from which i mail tikona to terminate my connection.( i have proof that i send that mail for termination).
afyer i call customer care to fix that misunderstanding if any they have . so they told me about prepade 
if i am not using that connection in november sitll i have to pay for that and that is the rule.

then i talk to higher authority in customer care , and they told me that there is no need to pay for un used services. and thay also told me that i have no outstanding amount for paying to tikona.
but after 2 days again call start for bill.

and they incress my amount every month, i don't know how???
first my outstanding amount is 1300/- thaen they send me bill with late fee, 1500/- , then 1800/-- , then 4200/- 

again i call them to ask how 4200/- they told me 2 month bill.( how? ) ( 1 month is 1300/- ) 1300 X 2 = 2600,  4200-2600 = 1600 ?? how???

and then 2400/-- , 2800/-- , 

and today (18- april 2016) as per tikona my outstanding amount is 3001/--

and today i get call from delhi high court , some Mukesh Shrma , he introduce him as advocate of delhi high court) his BAR Council number is - DLC15539/2011, Mo.7615974720(i check that number in true caller- name number is from rajasthan - and that number listed in internet service provider.

he told me that i have 30 minute to pay 4001/- RS to tikona otherwise they file case aganst me in delhi court, and  i have to attend date with my advocate in delhi , and they take police action against me...???

and amezing thing is that .. Mr. Mukesh shrma , the advocate of delhi high caurt can't speak english,
 and he knows every process of tikona bill payment in deeply, and and also my issue in deeply. 

now the question is how tikona count my bill amount

and what i have to do.?

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It seems to be call from recovery agency/agent.

Record all calls.

Handover all case facts/records to your own very able counsel of unshakable repute and integrity at your own location specializing in consumer matters.

You can also lodge complaint with TRAI, DoT, even PMO office and they shall send a copy to authority.

You can share the facts with media.


Thank You sir for that valuable response... I have all mailing and call recording record And I use this... And I also share my problem social media and PMO office... And should I filed petition publicly for my problem? May be there are so many people who are suffering with same problem by Tikona...

Also entrust the matter to your own able counsel specializing in such/consumer matters and sue M/s Tikona for disparaging comments.



There are many threads on M/s Tikona at LCI that you can search in “SEARCH” option and pick up relevant points.












Okay thank you sir...



Dear Mr. Pancholi, Greetings from Tikona, We have checked and found your account is terminated as per your request. As full and final is concluded, we request you to make payment of Rs.3,000.45/- at the earliest. For any further issues/queries, you can contact us on 1-860-3000-3434 or you can reach us at forum.tikona.in Regards, Tikona Care.

Are you satisfied, with response of M/s Tikona?

If NO, handover the matter to your own counsel.


After the complaints: For the days service provider did not provide connection: ask to not to charge on pro rated basis.

You are likely to get a response.

Ask to reply in say 7days time.

If you are already, satisfied go ahead and resolve the matter.




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