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Babu Kumar (SE)     10 April 2017

Threatening calls from police station

My wife filed 498 a complaint. Now she want to come to come family life as usual. I am not ready to accept her. I told the same thing in counselling. The SI threatening me that he will file a FIR and will send notice to my company. He is threatening me you will loose your job . Actually i am working in MNC Company(Software). will it get affected to my job? My wife files a false complaint now i proved it in counselling it false. so she want to come back. I am not ready to accept her. If she files FIR will it get effected to MY job in MNC Company? Please suggest me what i need to do in this situvation


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A walk alone (-)     10 April 2017

Be cool. Why are you worried? Nothing will effect happen to your job. Almost Police system is corrupted. Other side people give in money & he dance on their tune. Your wife has file case it's her duty to prove her allegations not your to prove your innocence. Let them file FIR if they file you can apply AB. Once you get AB almost your case solve. Do one thing record all SI threat. After winning case you can file case against SI. She can't do anything accept file cases or threatening. If you become strong she will soon come for MCD on your terms and conditions. Till then let her roam court waste her money on lawyers with zero result. Filing any case is easy but court need evidence to prove case,so proving allegations is difficult. Now a days judges also know 90% 498a are fake.She will not get anything from court. Family matter can never solve in court. As long you afraid she will threats you. So be bold nothing will effect your job. You should now collect evidence. Record all calls, threats, message of her and her family.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     10 April 2017

The persons facing Family and employment disputes are soft targets.

Both are staring at you.


Kumar Doab (FIN)     10 April 2017

Employee should avoid altercations more so when employee is on weak foot.

If possible erase the differences and avoid litigation and save the marriage.

Develop rapport and goodwill with bosses, LIne Managers, HR, employer and if they tender unshakabale support to you, then they may not subject you to harrassment, (termination) as threatened by SI.

Although SI has NO business to threat you for approaching your employer.

Defend your employment and source of earning.

Approach a very able counsel specializing in Family matters of unshakable repute at your location  for opinion on merits on your side.


Before you jump into a dispute you must know you have sufficient and irrefutable evidence and merist on your side or not.

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Vegitta   11 April 2017

Nothing will happen to job take lawyer to senior police and give them in writting u havev rcvd such call, also give one copy to commisioner, in case if they continue with this ask ur lawyer to file case hc with wriiten copy for such harassment.

Praveen Kumar (Intern Lawyer)     11 April 2017

Dear Babu Kumar,

Now start recording of all the incoming calls received either from SI, your wife, your in laws and other supporting person to your wife.  The evidence will help you to fight your case in the court. Further inform about the same to the higher police officers with the detail all those nos used to threat you.

Babu Kumar (SE)     11 April 2017

Thanks all of you for repling my question.

She gave compliant on Deccember 2016. Three times i went for counselling and taught that will bring back her for normal family life. But she is lying and abusing me and my family in front of all the members. Now i decided i wont bring back her in my life. But we had a Baby boy with 1 year old now. i am thinking his future and try to reconsile her. She never listen my words and listening his parents words and abused me. At that time SI also threatened me i told SI what ever my wife and her parent told blindly do that and don't call me and don't harasse me. Then my in law went to his village head and told the whole matter. The village head (Surpanch) called me and my parents and requested that the people are innocent went to wrong guidence, so they filed the complient. He (Surpanch) apoloziging on behalf of my wife's parents and mediating goin on But i don't want to bring her back in my life, Beacuse i never forget her abusing words and in law give bribe to police people for beating me. What can do for further next steps.

Kumar Doab (FIN)     11 April 2017

It is all verbal.

The abuse etc is not recorded by you.

The written complaint stands in PS.

Let the OP state whatever you have posted in writing in Panchayat and then in PS and obtain certified copies under RTI.


Kumar Doab (FIN)     11 April 2017

Act on advises in the thread.

Build irrefutable evidence.

Avoid acting on impulses and in heat of moment or in euphoria.

Irrefutable evidence always helps be it; Family Disputes or Labor/service Dispute.

The village head is doing what PS could have done.

The village head is its own sense is helping you.

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