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LoneFighter (IT)     06 September 2014

Those who are suffering from 417/376 false cases


I would want to discuss specifically of those cases who are suffering because of false cases filed by dis-honest women and there are still genuine cases out there, but i just wanna discuss about false cases. 

False promise of marriage 417/376: Fake Cases. Mockery of indian judiciary and abuse of Indian law which has held women at utmost respect. 

There is huge difference between obsession and love, love is unconditional, where as obsession is a pure selfish act. This is a mental disorder in a few countries. Not sure if its the same in India.


This disorder has its foundation in the insatiable fixation of wanting to possess the target of their obsession. The emotions that are experienced when in love, like mutual respect, trust, and security, are overtaken by feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and resentment. This then gives way to a painful and all-consuming obsession and preoccupation with an actual or wished-for lover. This insatiable longing either to possess or be possessed by the target of their obsession, and rejection by physical or emotional unavailability of their target can result in the perpetual fixation and compulsion to obtain the person they desire. The unnerving aspect is that a person might not even be in a relationship with the object of their desire or have (recently) separated from them, they might simply have had a stray conversation with them at some point and gotten interested in them, which has then slowly turned into an obsession. This obsession can start out with activities like keeping tabs on the person and then transcend into something far worse like stalking them, emotionally blackmailing them and in the most extreme scenarios, taking to violence towards the person or oneself.
Read more at Buzzle:


Do courts accept this as argument, if above symptoms are found, i doubt it. After all its india :). We respect and adore Women.

The main aim of posting this is just to let ladies know,

Please think thousand times, before act, If a guy has actually liked you or never ever behaved in any manner which would make you feel that he has deceived you, plz dont file false complaints and play with guys life. He would have never intended to cheat you. Move on if you feel he dont deserve any punishment, just because he rejected you. 



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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     09 September 2014

What is that you want to clarify by posting the above message?, do you claim that the boy who moved around a girl with false promises, availed of all the opportunities and then discarding her in the name of obsession or different labels can be termed as innocent?

LoneFighter (IT)     09 September 2014

@Kalaiselvan Sir,

Sorry if i was not clear. I mentioned 'false' cases. I did not intend this for genuine cases. Genuine cases are not receiving proper judgement because of so many false cases. 

Women are becoming enemies to their own community. I was just trying to convey women that false cases would not fetch them a happy life nor to others. 

I was not generalizing or anything sir. There are guys who promise for marriage and do this and i know there would be girls who do not need any promise to get physical. 

I revere women...but there are a few people who bring disgrace to women. Anyhow, insanity is a mental problem. I just wanted to convey that. 


AS   06 October 2014

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate: - Hi Sir,

You are a wonderful lawyer and very helpful to people in form , I  have a big respect for you by heart.

You and shonne kapoor and few more lawyers are really helping people.

But i dont agree to your statement here.


Ernesto   20 January 2016

Hello everyone, genuinely asking..if one has these symptoms will court accepts this argument. Because i am aware of one such person..who ruined two persons lives and even families..In both cases she doesnt have a single message or letter or photo or anybody voching for their love affair...but she files case, threatens suucide..she commited suicide now itself almost three to four times creating hell of scene...and her best weapon is she goes to each and everyone of guy's social circle and tells that they both were in he cheated..physically exploited etc.... If anybody tries reason with her she abuses them...and also apart from these two guys..she also alleged couple of other guys that they are s*xually harassing noboday dares to say anything against her for fear of her allegations...second guy on whom she filed fir for rape and cheating case is still pending..police investigated the matter and found that her allegations are false but not daring to close the case because she gave them suicide what could be the course of action for that guy? Though investigation is going on she continuously sends abusive messages to him and his relatives...Plz advice us in this matter

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