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The love I dreamt of for 12 years lasted just 15 days

Page no : 2


Rasing a daughter witout a father in Indian society is dreadful..

What the man did was not good...she should clam maintenance and make her daughter stand in her own feet...and forget about her husband...she should have forgotten her by now..17 years is too long a time..

In this situation my feelings are with...the lady and her daughter...

Probably the husband is not able to come back because he is illegally staying in the US...


Rocket Man (na)     04 October 2011

@Danny Filth:
It is stated in this artical that husband is a US citizen!! If some one is illegal they would not be able file to file the GC file for their spouses!! It says in the artical that they were called in for the interview and denied the VISA!! Please read!! 

cm jain sir (ccc)     05 October 2011

Its one side of the story as taught by lawyers. After 17 years of marriage and enjoying money from husband it seems a fabricated story.

Definetely the daughter is a poor sufferer in this mess. Its better that to go for mediation since daughter is already about to go college and I hope father will think about the daughter atleast.


Point by Mr. ZEESHAN is valid.

And i too not think that man is at fault, Due to he support his family.

It's overall a money making story, Nothing else. As per my understanding.



Abhinatre Gupt.

Rocket Man (na)     06 October 2011


This is just an educated guess about Jigna after reading this articale it seems like the artical has lots of contradictions and she sounds like a Indian "Mother India" drama queen!!

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     06 October 2011

Why be a Shahid?




Shonee Kapoor



PS: One story can not be the basis of gender based laws.

rajiv_lodha (zz)     07 October 2011

Hubby has been sending money for long 16yrs. Now he has to face DV+125. Their marriage is practically dead. As per hubby's side, its better to give her one time alimony & close the issue forever.

Lady has dragged in-laws also into the mess. doesnt she had any resposibility to take care of her in laws when her husband was away to US for long years. Now DV is being used as an easy tool TO GRAB PROPERTY.

such lady should beware, the girl is soon of marriagable age. If she is used as a fighting tool in the courts, her future will be spoilt too.

BETTER IS MCD for this couple

Rocket Man (na)     07 October 2011

“He has not cared to send money for our maintenance for the past four months. He works at Annes Motel in Los Angeles and earns $7,000 (Rs 3.15 lakh) per month. He lives a luxurious life while I and my daughter are living a blighted life,” says Jigna.

It sounds like husband is not making much money in reality because in the US if some one is working in the such a small Motel they are not making more than $1500/month unless they are owner of the motel. She might know that for sure and if she dosen't than what a shame. Why did she staid in the marriage for so long? Probably the money he some how provided for 16.5 years!  collect 

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